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I Love Paul Millsap! #80 Game Preview- Minnesota Timberwolves at the Utah Jazz

I love Paul Millsap. I will give him a standing ovation from my couch.

Doug Pensinger

Tonight the Jazz take on the Minnesota Timberwolves. It will be their 80th game of the season, their last regular home season game. I wanted to go to the game but didn't plan it out well enough. I really hope there is a good crowd at the game tonight.

I want to see this


I love Millsap and will always be a fan of his. I want him to feel the Jazz love tonight. While I don't think that fans influence one bit players plans in free agency I do want Millsap to know that we love him as our longest tenured Jazz player. I love him and other players but Millsap is our connection to our Sloan years. I don't know if I am ready to give up that connection yet.

The Jazz at 41-38 are still making their #playoffpush, Minnesota is at 29-49. While Minnesota has nothing to play for they have for some reason never ever have just rolled over and died for the Jazz, they always put up a fight against us, I mean that's why Hot Rod dubbed them the Pesky Wolves.

I am worried for the Jazz having all the pressure going up against a carefree TWolves team. Luckily Love is out for the season for Minnesota. We will be at full strength minus Enes. (who was in Chicago not New York like Ty said)

I am excited to see a motivated Al and Paul. A beastly Favors. I am excited to see Hayward go up against AK. There are many things to look forward to watching in this game. I think it will have the feel of that Phoenix game last year.

Tonight is so huge!!!! We will rise to the occasion. Ok I am getting tears in my eyes now just thinking about this being the end of the Paul/Al era (and having this video play in the background) . Love you Jazz!! I freaking love you Jazz!!!


The Los Angeles Lakers will take on the Warriors tonight at 8:30 MT. Go Warriors (ok i threw up in my mouth a little bit but I imagine its better than needing to cut of my hand if I had to type Go Lakers)

Here's to the Jazz! Lets continue on this magical #playoff push for at least one more night.