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NBA Playoffs: Utah Jazz Playoff Push 2013

Russell Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Okay, we have five games remaining. Regardless of what the Los Angeles Lakers do (and right now they're at halftime against the Los Angeles Clipps), if the Utah Jazz win out, we're most likely in the playoffs. The Jazz will have to do it with three road games (we're not so hot on the road), and two home games (one of which will be against OKC). It will be a hard road, but I think we shouldn't wave the white flag just yet.


Of course, realism tells me that this season we're not a terribly good basketball team.


Two seasons ago with Tyrone Corbin as our head coach, and Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap as our luminaries we managed to win 43.9% of our road games. Right now we're sitting at just winning 28.9% of them. That's a huge drop. So those road games look a little bit harder now.

STILL, ya gotta believe. Here's how we've performed against the four teams we're facing in the next two weeks over the last five seasons:


Okay, we're not dominant anymore, but I think we have proven an ability to hold our own against Memphis, Minnesota, and Golden State. Oklahoma City is tough, and we beat them once every year for the last four seasons. But the bad luck is that we've already beat them once this season, and they'll be motivated to trounce us after losing to the New York Knicks at home today. It's hard to win two in a row, but Minny should be in Tanky mode now. Memphis is going to be the kingmaker game like our game against the Phoenix Suns last season were. Or so I am having myself believe.

Here's the whole shebang for those interested:


The T-Wolves are the worst, and we play them twice. One of our home games is going to be really tough. But each of these games are must wins. We rolled into the playoffs last season partly due to other teams being injured; but we still went out there and won our last 5 games in a row. We COULD duplicate that this year, but our team really has to play hard and get it done.

Let's DO THIS!!