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Does Dennis Schroeder Prefer Utah?

We ask Dennis Schroeder why he said he'd prefer Utah.

Schroeder taking a shot.
Schroeder taking a shot.
Lars Baron

Scott Howard-Cooper of broke the news earlier today that Dennis Schroeder preferred to play in Utah or Milwaukee. He writes:

Dennis Schroeder ... has singled out Utah and Milwaukee as preferred destinations on draft night. Which is particularly relevant since the interest may be mutual and both will be picking in the right range, with the Jazz probably at 14, barring a long-shot climb into the top three on lottery night, and the Bucks at 15.
As Schroeder himself pointed out to me, the Jazz have the position need as Mo Williams heads into free agency. (Good chance they'd have the need even if Williams wasn't.) When we talked and I asked what he considered the best option for the start of his NBA career, Utah was the first place he mentioned.

via Scott Howard-Cooper's Sulia

We asked Dennis Schroeder why he thought Utah made sense as a logical destination. Here was his reply.

[Update 6:33 PM 4/17/2013]

Here is what Amar had to say about it:

I'd love to write a glowing review about him, however, there just wasn’t much to review at this event. He can jump well. And he’s kinda cocky. But that’s cool. I would have loved to have seen him tear it up and be the best PG out there. He did not, and there isn’t a lot of film on him available, so there is a great deal of uncertainty around just how awesome he is going to be.

When he talked w Scott Howard-Cooper a few days ago he said some interesting things. When he talked to us yesterday he said some things that were not exactly what he said to Scott. When we talked to him today about what he told Scott (AFTER we talked with Scott and he shared a lot of info with us “off-ish on the record”) that pissed Dennis off a little. But that’s cool too.

What we read and what someone says may be a little different. And what someone says can be said because the truth of it can be read in many ways, though remain occluded.

I like Dennis, I think he will be a very good starter in this league, Top 15 PG in the NBA at some stage after his 2nd or 3rd season. If he was the best guy available today, and we think he could be one of the best PGs available, then I really would have loved to have seen it.