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NBA Draft Combine Interview: Shabazz Muhammad

Shabazz talks about who he has met with and his meeting with Ty Corbin.


Before the very first workout yesterday Shabazz Muhammad and the rest of the small forwards of this draft process had taken the court. During those warmups there was Shabazz Muhammad at halfcourt talking with Mike Sanders of the Utah Jazz. Mike was aiding in running the drills. There they talked for about five to eight minutes. Then he walked over the front row where Jerry Sloan, Tyrone Corbin, Kevin O'Connor, Dennis Lindsey, and Walt Perrin where seated. There he chatted with Jazz brass and had a good laugh. Who knows what was exchanged. Most likely a few good lucks and attaboys. But from the onset the Jazz seemed to have their eye on the scrutinized Small Forward.

That day he would work out and some would say he disappointed. So much so that he even had the potential to fall out of the lottery. All this for a prospect who was projected as a top 3 pick at the beginning of the season. This draft process has been a meteoric fall from grace.

To Shabazz's credit, he has handled it pretty well. He has been professional during a very scrutinizing process. While it's anybody's guess currently where the floor is during this fall from the mountain top, he is trying his best to keep the ship steady and regain some of that pre-season swagger that was clearly in his favor.