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NBA Summer League: Orlando Pro League 2013 full schedule, and Utah Jazz analysis


The Utah Jazz will be flying down to Orlando again this year, like every season since the Vegas Summer league killed the Rocky Mountain Review. (We're a team that holds grudges, just ask any team that's every leaked a deal with KOC) The schedule and all the cool new info on the set up of this league can be found at Orlando Pinstriped Post, courtesy of Evan Dunlap. There are some cool format changes and I encourage you to visit our sister blog there.

As for the Jazz, we'll play 5 games, and each game will be 40 minutes long. And just like last year, Alec Burks will not be allowed to play any point guard -- so it will be a complete surprise when everyone of our ancient guards get injured again and he has to play. Btw, NOT playing him at PG in training camp, preseason, or the summer league = developing him according to some observers : )

Here is the full Jazz schedule:

Date Game Time (MT)
Sunday July 7 Miami Heat vs Utah Jazz 11:00 AM
Monday July 8 No Jazz Game
Tuesday July 9 Utah Jazz vs Houston Rockets 1:00 PM
Wednesday July 10 Utah Jazz vs Brooklyn Nets 9:00 AM
Thursday July 11 Indiana Pacers vs Utah Jazz 9:00 AM
Friday July 12 "Championship Day"

I'm interested to see how we do against the Nets because they'll be bringing Marshon Brooks back, and he and Burks had a pretty good head to head matchup. Of course, you'd want Burks to dominate him because he was the lotto pick . . . but that didn't happen last year. You may remember that two drafts ago I was pretty high on Brooks as a non-lotto pick, and he had a good rookie year. Then the Nets got Joe Johnson, and that ended his misadventure of being a rotation guy.

And here is the full schedule for all the teams:

Date Game Time (MT)
Sunday July 7 Houston Rockets @ Philadelphia 76ers 7:00 AM
Sunday July 7 Boston Celtics @ Orlando Magic 9:00 AM
Sunday July 7 Miami Heat @ Utah Jazz 11:00 AM
Sunday July 7 Oklahoma City Thunder @ Indiana Pacers 1:00 PM
Sunday July 7 Detroit Pistons @ Brooklyn Nets 3:00 PM
Monday July 8 Oklahoma City Thunder @ Orlando Magic 9:00 AM
Monday July 8 Philadelphia 76ers @ Indiana Pacers 11:00 AM
Monday July 8 Boston Celtics @ Detroit Pistons 1:00 PM
Monday July 8 Brooklyn Nets @ Miami Heat 3:00 PM
Tuesday July 9 Indiana Pacers @ Boston Celtics 9:00 AM
Tuesday July 9 Detroit Pistons @ Oklahoma City Thunder 11:00 AM
Tuesday July 9 Utah Jazz @ Houston Rockets 1:00 PM
Tuesday July 9 Miami Heat @ Orlando Magic 3:00 PM
Wednesday July 10 Utah Jazz @ Brooklyn Nets 11:00 AM
Wednesday July 10 Oklahoma City Thunder @ Philadelphia 76ers 1:00 PM
Wednesday July 10 Boston Celtics @ Houston Rockets 3:00 PM
Thursday July 11 Indiana Pacers @ Utah Jazz 9:00 AM
Thursday July 11 Miami Heat @ Detroit Pistons 11:00 AM
Thursday July 11 Houston Rockets @ Brooklyn Nets 1:00 PM
Thursday July 11 Philadelphia 76ers @ Orlando Magic 3:00 PM
Championship Day
Friday July 12 6th Place @ 5th Place 6:00 AM
Friday July 12 4th Place @ 3rd Place 8:00 AM
Friday July 12 2nd Place @ 1st Place 10:00 AM
Friday July 12 8th Place @ 9th Place 12:00 PM
Friday July 12 10th Place @ 9th Place 2:00 PM

I'm really interested to see how the championship day goes. It starts pretty early for you Jazz fans in Utah (and in more Western time zones . . . like PST, or . . . Australia . . . ).

It's going to be an interesting two weeks (one of practice first). I can see Alec Burks being requested to attend this. Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors may be in Las Vegas at this time for USA Basketball responsibilities. Enes Kanter is still going to be injured and unable to play. Jeremy Evans SHOULD play in this, but he'll be in his 4th season in the NBA. That said, he wasn't on the roster for LAST season, but he still snuck on to play a few games.

Kevin Murphy, if on the team still (or not -- see Dee Brown example) will be here. Jerel McNeal will be there too as he may actually be a bigger part of our future than anyone let on. DeMarre Carroll will only be there if his contract is figured out. He's a UFA and he's not going to risk his future employment by playing for free and getting hurt playing against rookies. I'm pretty sure Travis Leslie will be playing in Vegas with some other team.

Of course, all three of our rookies (if we finish Draft Night with three new players) should be there too.

The majority of the people coming in will be guys we've tried before (How many years did we see Kevin Kruger in the RMR and how many times was he ever invited to Jazz training camp?), and we'll be evaluating for some silly reason. I'd love to see Michael Stockton return. But if we're going for long shots . . . how have Shan Foster and Ante Tomic? You may just be surprised with who you'll see there.

Oh well. Some dreams just never come true...