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The Downbeat #1k53 - Low Risk / High Reward

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Over the holiday weekend, David James interviewed Jazz President Randy Rigby on his Talkin' Sports show. The video is here. There is some pretty interesting information in the interview. Apparently in the first session they talked about the Jazz FO being okay with doing not so much winning next year, if it works into their longterm plans. The team is at ease with this now because they have done two years of polling and deemed that our Jazz fan psyche has matured enough that we can handle it. Okay, that was kind of snide, but this is a step in the right direction for the franchise. Now, I'm not saying that they should tank for a chance at Wiggins or Parker, but they should tank for a chance at Wiggins or Parker. What I mean to say is that they should play all the young guys, keep cap space flexibility, and their (possibly) lame duck coach, and if that culminates in a high draft pick next year, then I would be okay with that.

Rigs (that's what I call him), also spoke about the brilliance of the Miller family for designing the Delta Center with the ability to be adapted to continue to generate revenue. My cynical side took that as the Millers personally designing the building. My rational side knows he means that they wanted that as a feature. For the most part, I agree. There was a lot of open, unutilized space around the concourse, and they have done a great job of filling it with things that more modern arenas have (think the Squatters Pub, Eureka Lounge, etc). The next step is to take over the (I believe) currently torn down lot directly north of the arena, build a new complex, with more entertainment options there, and connect it to ESA via several sky bridges. Step three is renaming the place.

I applaud James for going after (in his affable way) Rigs about the Jazz's current policy of being more closed off than North Korea. Rigs vowed to ensure that the team is more open and accessible in the future.

There has been increased chatter related to this article by Gordon Monson. It was published yesterday afternoon, and in it Monson asserts that the Jazz should take a chance on Karl Malone as an assistant coach. I will now give my two cents.

I loathe Ty Corbin's policy of hiring his bros as the assistant coaches. It is terrible management and it is one that leads to a group of yes-men kowtowing to the boss man. I hadn't been upset with it initially, because I simply didn't know the history of their relationships. This is the definition of the wrong way that a manager assembles his team. This is Andrew Jackson's cabinet (To the victor goes the spoils). A good manager has the self awareness to identify his own weaknesses and assemble a team of individuals to help shore up those weaknesses. That's not to say that Coach Lowe and Coach Sanders don't do that, but they have personal connections to the boss and that leads to a sense of debt. They owe their positions, going from relative obscurity to NBA assistant coaches, to their boss and that is highly likely to lead to a culture of groupthink.

Karl is the kind of outspoken individual that should be present to question current practices. The Jazz should do their due diligence and put The Mailman through the gauntlet. There should be an interview. Then he should be brought on to help with the summer league. If he is put on the staff, he should be behind the bench. If Karl is committed the hard work and drive that defined him as a player will show through and he will assert himself. He will certainly earn that spot on the bench.

If you're on the Twitters, you have no doubt seen the discussion, and nonstop snark regarding the recent article by TrueHoop's Henry Abbott about Coach Pop's development of young players. Read the article and lets get these comments spun up into a hoopla!

Remember that whole Draft thing? Of course you do. David Smith is a great guy and he has been keeping tabs on all the mock drafts so I don't have to. Go check his article out here, then spit your flame in the comments below.