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The Downbeat #1k37 - More HAVEN'T Won, Than HAVE

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Here is a pretty fun article on Grantland on Who Will be the Next Superstar to not Win a Title. Its also complete horse crap. The "He ain't got no ringzzz" nonsense is just that. Just look at the numbers. Since 1980, only 9 different teams have won a title. At an average of 27 teams through those years, 67% haven't won a championship. Lets look at some players that never won: Karl Malone, John Stockton, Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, Chris Webber, Grant Hill, Reggie Miller. I could go on.

Currently I'm listening to Dream Team, by Jack McCallum (yes, listening. I gotta have something to do on the train twice a day, and its difficult to stand and read) and its awesome. The stories about all the fabled players from my youth are amazing and wonderful. The chapter about Stockton, Malone, and Zeke is short, but fantastic. It led me to a realization: We, as Jazz fans have taken on their personality. If we are collectively critical, demanding, and unsatisfied, it is surely because of who they were as players. Along with Coach Sloan, they demanded the most effort and the hardest work out of themselves and their team. We are the same way. The problem for the current Jazz management is that the world moves at a much faster pace. It took those gods of basketball over a decade to get to the chance to win that O'Brian trophy. They weren't under a constant microscope with the few newspaper articles, a few televised games, and scant coverage anywhere else.

The current management has far more pressure than Larry and the crew did. So what? We all do. That's the state of the world in this day and age. Cling to the past, long for the old days, and dry up with the distant memory of history. We've evolved as fans. We were shaped by those guys we grew up idolizing. We demand a higher standard. Does that mean we demand a championship next year? No. But it does mean we demand a concise 5 year plan to get there. We want to a clear path.

I pulled the draft machine 10 times. The Jazz took Kelly Olynyk every time. The Jazz are DEFINITELY not drafting Kelly Olynyk. It seems like every year the Jazz get a player pegged to them and don't take that player... mostly because they're barely gone; Brandon Knight being the exception. Some others, off the top of my head: Tyler Hansbrough, Roy Hibbert, Greg Monroe.

The other side is that the Jazz are definitely going to take a PG. Which could mean this is the first year that the Mock's are correct. So the Jazz are definitely going to draft Kelly Olynyk.

Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

Peter is the resident capologist. Andy, Clark, and Amar are far more familiar with the draft prospects than I. However, I know my current NBA players and very much enjoy the various trade proposals that float around. Having said that, nothing makes me roll my eyes and shake my head faster than one that is completely foolhardy; especially when it comes from someone in the media posing as an expert.

I'm going to start making this a mandatory re-post every year around the trade deadline, draft, and start of free agency: Prodigal Punk's Quick Guide to Being a Fan GM

Its a quick reference of some things to consider before floating a trade idea. If I missed anything, feel free to add them in the comments here, and we'll keep it a living document.

Lets check in with our Jazz players and see what they're up to this offseason, the best way we can: Social Media.

Derrick Favors:

Ok. Not a lot coming from Fav. Must be busy in the gym and visiting family

Gordon Hayward:

Gordon is waiting for his girlfriend and putting together furniture. BtB

Alec Burks:

Alec is coolin! I like coolin in the summer, as well.




The silence is deafening.