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The Downbeat #1k64 - A Little Too Quiet

Christian Petersen

As Jody tells us, the Jazz will work out Weber State's Scott Bamforth today. Oh, and some guy named CJ McCollum. What does this mean?

With the Draft just a day over two weeks away, things are surprisingly quiet. There are the usual rumblings here and there about the first pick not being the player that everyone assumes will be the first pick (in this case Noel), but other than that, my scouring of the web has mostly ended in stale news. I'm talking a week old (Chad Ford hasn't updated his Draft Blog in 5 days). Even the Jazz seem to be taking a break, as they bring in a squadron of guys to tryout for their summer league team.

Maybe everyone is concentrating on the Finals. Maybe there's just not much to do over this year's draft. Maybe this is the quiet before the storm.

Here, Rob Mahoney of SI's Point Forward blog, looks at some players that could be amnestied this offseason. Any players on this list that you think the Jazz should make a run at (of the those mentioned as "plausible" candidates)? I would take a serious look at Bargnani for the right price, but there is a reason these players are plausible candidates.

Oh look, Draft news: The 2013 Draft hats have been released. Here is the Jazz's. I like it.

It was leaked a few weeks ago, but Gordon Hayward and and Derrick Favors have been announced as part of the 27 man roster for the Team USA training camp in Vegas. The team is prepping for the 2014 FIBA World Cup and that roster will likely make up a large portion of the Olympic Team for 2016.

My hunch is that Favors has a better shot of making the team than Hayward. Favors will compete with the new generation of big men that includes Boogie Cousins, the Pistons Drummond and Monroe, Davis (who is a almost guaranteed due to his spot in 2012), and DeAndre Jordan. While Hayward will compete against Playoff heartthrobs Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Harrison Barnes, and Klay Thompson. Additionally, wing spots will certainly be reserved for Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and James Harden.