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NBA Free Agency: Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Andre Iguodala will opt out of contract, become free agent

"Git me outta here!"
"Git me outta here!"
Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

The Denver Nuggets won 57 games this year, and made the playoffs and sadly lost in the first round to a lower seed. Their coach, George Karl, won Coach of the year. Their GM, who won the NBA Exec of the Year, Masai Ujiri was killing it. He left the team to go be the GM of the Toronto Raptors. Karl was fired, and who knows where he will end up (Memphis Grizzlies?). And now, well, their best player is opting out.

Ouch Denver.

Of course, this means he's on the table. Do you want him? And if so, how much is too much to offer? How much is *just* right? He is 29 years old right now, has played over 26k minutes over his career, is usually healthy, and is a very good defender. He has awards on his shelf and has built a game around some of the things we lack: defense, athleticism, and being recognized as a star. That said, he is not a reliable three point shooter and is not a "classic" wing player. He has no shot, and shot 57 ft% last year which is a problem if you are a guard who averages 5.0 FTA for your career. He hasn't score 15.0+ ppg since 2009-10, and finished last year with a PER of 15.2 -- which is just barely above average. He would still help our team even if he's not an offensive juggernaut.


Because of defense. So, do you want him? What's the contract you offer him?