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Jerry Sloan Returns to the Utah Jazz - Rejoice with Us

Coach Sloan hired as Senior Basketball Advisor and Anti-Jackpotting Squad Commander

Kevin C. Cox

Randy Rigby (And Greg Miller before that) announced that Coach Sloan is returning to the family.

Official release:

Jerry Sloan will join Karl Malone as the most recent additions to the Jazz staff as the team begins its rebuilding around the young core. Randy Rigby stated that Sloan would be involved with the Jazz as frequently as he and the organization see fit. Sloan has been involved in the Jazz's rigorous draft preparations (they have looked at 72 players) and was highly complimentary of the level of competition the staff has been able to achieve with these prospects. Sloan will also be involved in the upcoming Summer League in Orlando.

Rigby also stated that Coach Corbin was encouraging to Jerry Sloan to take the position.

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