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The Downbeat #1k76 - The Day Everything Changed


By now, everyone has heard the various accounts of how the Coach Sloan resignation went down. Yesterday, Jazz CEO Greg Miller decided to give his detailed account of how the events transpired to local media members. You can find Jody Genessy's article for the Deseret News here, and Bill Oram's article for the Salt Lake Tribune here. Jody's is a bit more thorough and includes some other interesting things that Miller shared about the LHM Group and his relationship with his father, Larry. Pretty interesting stuff.

Often times, especially early on, it was en vogue to paint Miller as a spoiled son of a rich family and see many of the decisions he made in that light. I can say that I have met him a couple of times and he certainly doesn't come off that way in person (as Diana and SurlyMae can vouch for). Certainly another case of an often times overcritical fan base overreaching on their assumptions.

I think I can speak for all of us here at SLC Dunk when I say that we are genuinely excited for the upcoming season. Miller seems to have found a owner role that fits HIS personality and it is manifesting itself in the decisions that have been made (and will be made) this offseason. The mending of the relationship with Karl Malone, the continued support of Ty Corbin (whether you personally like it or not), and the return of Jerry Sloan, are not only sound basketball decisions, but ones that have been meaningful to fans. The business decision to invest in further upgrades to Energy Solutions Arena was a good one, and though we will see how those decisions that are also team related will play out, I think they will be agreeable as well.

Did you know that the draft is tomorrow night? Of course you did. Coverage begins at 5:00 MT (4:00 for us on the coast that will likely still be at work) on ESPN.

If you are a draft nerd (*cough* Amar, Mychal, Peter, Clark *cough*) the BS Report with Chad Ford is a must listen. It came out yesterday afternoon, so I had the chance to listen on my long commute. Some very interesting information in there about the draft, the prospects, and the thinking of many teams.

Despite this being considered a draft bereft of future altering mega stars, it is also one of the most exciting. The reason? No one has any clue as to what will go down. The trades that may or may not happen could have huge impacts on teams as well as the upcoming free agency landscape. The drama is delicious.

Another very exciting part of this year's event is that our very own Amar is in New York at this very moment. Currently he is in a boutique somewhere in Brooklyn buying a brand new pair of horn rim glasses, some skinny jeans, and an ironic tshirt. Next its off to the Westin in Times Square, press credentials in one of those goofy badges around his neck, for the player media availability this afternoon. This will mostly be in a capacity representing SB Nation, but he will surely try and get some Jazz related info, though most of the players available will likely be out of the Jazz's reach.

A couple of young, promising players are rumored to be available: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Thomas Robinson. The latter is reportedly available on the cheap in a cap clearing move by the Rockets.

The Jazz have been linked to rumors surrounding the Kings in a move to trade down in the draft for some players they like. The scenario sends Jimmer and the 7th to the Jazz. What would you say to this rumor? Try and get over the whole Jimmer thing, which is beyond obnoxious, and focus on that 7 pick which could net Trey Burke, MCW, or CJ McCollum.

Further Draft coverage at SLC Dunk:

  • Draft thread will be up tomorrow afternoon and continually updated with picks and trade agreements
  • Either a SLC Dunk reaction video or Google Hangout Thursday night
  • Peter will break down the draft in Friday's Downbeat
  • I will be doing a guest spot on The Utah Jazz Podcast over the weekend. A special "Unbelievable Function" Edition.

Keep an eye out for the coverage here.