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NBA Draft 2013: TV Times when to watch, where to go, and other details no other website has


Today is the NBA Draft. It's being hosted by the Brooklyn Nets home court the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn. (Department of Redundancy Department sponsored that message) It's a big deal. Not many people even KNEW that NBA stuff happened on Wednesday because the stuff on Thursday is so much bigger.

And what is happening today? Well . . .

  • 12 noon - 8 pm EST: Media Check in / Credential Pick up in Barclays Center (Dean St. entrance)
  • 4 pm EST: Media Shuttle from the Westin Times Square to Barclays Center
  • 4 pm - 7 pm EST: Media Dining at Barclays Center in Marshalling Area in West End Zone (Om nom nom)
  • 5:30 pm EST: NBA Draft Prospects arrive at Barclays Center
  • 6:45 pm EST: Doors open to the public for the 67th annual NBA Draft
  • 7:00 pm EST: 2013 NBA Draft on ESPN <-- This is the TV station covering it all in USA, it's TSN in Canada
  • 7:30 pm EST: 2013 NBA Draft on ESPN Radio
  • 12:30 pm - 1:30 am EST: Media Shuttles from Barclays Center to the Westin Times Square
  • 1:30 am - when it ends EST: Parties, parties, parties

So the 'deal' for you guys and gals at home is to tune in to ESPN at 5:00 Utah time to watch all the pre-show stuff. This is a PR event to showcase all the new employees of the NBA. It's a glossy show. For a more real show get up and go to the Utah Jazz draft party at the Energy Solutions Arena!

Admission is free, and doors open at 4:30 Utah time.


You are going to see some familiar faces there, including reportage from some of the SLC Dunk crew : )