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Quick Poll: Which draftee do you not want to see as a Jazz man tonight?

We all have favorites for whom we want drafted. But what player do you not want to see a Jazz man?


Those that are passionate about the draft have their favorite players, those that would fit best with the Jazz. But most are just as passionate, if not more so, about players they don't want to see in a Jazz uni come tonight.

So let's do a quick poll. Which player listed below do you most NOT want to see drafted by the Jazz tonight? Obviously, if the Jazz move up or down in the draft, that will affect things. So, let's just assume the Jazz stay put and pick at 14 & 21?

We're sticking with just the first round. I've included everyone in Chad Ford's mock draft starting with MCW. You can also select as many as you want. Let the hate flow through you.

I'll tabulate the results and post them later in the day.

Voting will close at 3 p.m. MDT with results announced shortly after.

Results are in. See them here.