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The Downbeat #1058: GIVE ME SOME JAZZ NEWS!

We talk some extensions, some draft tensions, and Hayward-entions.


One of these players is getting a max contract:

Player A Per 36

Player A Advanced Stats

Player B Per 36

Player B Advanced Stats

I'll give you another hint. One of these players in Gordon Hayward and the other is Paul George. Have fun!

Speaking of extensions it should be interesting to see what Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors decide to do regarding their possible extensions. They can choose to accept an early extension sometime in October or choose to play out the season and test restricted free agency and gauge their value on the open market. Judging by their respective minute count of 29 mpg, Hayward, and 23.2 mpg, Favors, I would be inclined to believe their agents want them to play this season out and see if they could get their value to rise. Especially in the case of Derrick Favors. If he has a strong season and is able to test Restricted Free Agency then the asking price of him could go significantly up. With Hayward I'm not as sure. If Hayward has a good year but the Jazz are still a lottery team I don't know how his value could rise. I could see Gordon Hayward accepting an extension before the beginning of the season and Derrick Favors opting for Restricted Free Agency. After all, I'm sure someone out there would LOVE to play Derrick Favors more than 23.2 mpg.

Draft workouts are well underway and it is looking more and more apparent the Jazz are working out everyone under the sun from Cody Zeller to Myck Kabongo to Nick Thompson of UVU. The Utah Jazz are doing their extensive homework to make sure that whoever falls to them wherever they might draft is the most talented player. At this point, I think it is fair to assume with only 6 players under contract next season the Jazz will be drafting, regardless of positional need. The Jazz need basketball players. That's it. The most talented player at every position. If it is a point guard. Great. If not. That's great, too. The Jazz, as well as other teams, have decided there just aren't many "difference makers" in this draft. The real success stories of this draft class will be the players who work out a niche playing 15-25 minutes a night in the league. There are a few players that could potentially become All-Stars one day like Ben McLemore or even Shabazz Muhammad. But questions about these players are more numerous than the tangible qualities.

When the Jazz select this year, don't get worked up if they don't go high for a point guard or another position of need. In a draft like this the Jazz are going to be panning for gold. Collecting as many samples as they can in the hopes that one of them pans out. After all this draft is all about the role players or finding a team desperate enough for a 15-20 minute a night role player to give up their prized pick in the 2014 draft. The draft winners will be the team(s) that gained a 2014 pick.

A draft prospect that I believe will be the steal of this year's draft is Ricky Ledo. Sounds like he had another great workout.

On day 1 of the combine he was the most talented player that worked out. Yes. Better than Shabazz. Better than Gobert. Better than Olynyk. Better than Tim Hardaway Jr. He was the real deal. The second day he came back to earth a little bit. He's extremely talented. He's going to be a fast riser. I want this man in a Jazz uniform next year.

Gordon Hayward is back in Indianapolis working out at St. Vincent Sports Performance. It's like the P3 of Indiana. Remember how he bulked up in between the summer league and the regular season of his first season? That was due to Sports Performance. I found this video of him that they made, too. HOW DID WE NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS???