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The Downbeat #1k59 - No Pithy Name Edition

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

We talk about the Draft a alot, but Free Agency is right around the corner, as well. Rob Mahoney of SI's Point Forward Blog, has been ranking the top free agents.


Ball Handlers

Big Men

Who do you want from this list? Is it realistic?

Some people I would like the Jazz to take a serious look at:

Andre Igoudala (Think smaller per year $, over 4 years)

Danny Granger (Big, athletic wing scorer, if a bit of a chucker)

Jose Calderon (Solid shooter, good court vision, and a good player while whichever PG is drafted comes off the bench)

Paul Millsap (Yes, I want Millsap back, in the role of 6th man. Won't happen. He won't accept that)

Would also take Speights or Landry to come off the bench.

Relax. There will be some draft talk. This is a cool utility that has set up: Playermetrics. It allows you to sort players by certain attributes (height, position, etc) and if you click the name, it takes you straight to their scouting report.

Today the Jazz will workout Shane Larkin (who needs a Lamaze class), Reggie Bullock, Tony Mitchell, Lorenzo Brown, Amath M'Baye, and Malik Story (via Jody Genessy).

Draft Express has the Jazz taking Larkin at #14 and several more have him being taken at #21 (see Amar's roundup)

It was barely a blip on any news sources, but Marvin Williams underwent surgery on his Achillies on Monday (Don't destroy me Amar, I'm just going off reports). From all of us at SLC Dunk, we wish Marvelous a swift and successful recovery.


Who do you have in the Finals? I'm going Spurs, for no other reason that it might be enough for Tim Duncan to retire and the Spurs be not AS good.