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NBA Summer League 2013: Utah Jazz (1-1) vs Brooklyn Nets (0-2) Game Thread


Orlando Summer League 2013

Game 3: Utah Jazz (1-1) @ Brooklyn Nets (0-2)

The Jazz need to figure things out. Their offense stalls early and often and their defense looks entirely optional at times. Luckily, the schedule has us playing the winless Nets. Brooklyn lost to the Detroit Pistons and Miami Heat so far. Both times their main guys were Mason Plumlee and Tyshawn Taylor. Mason went for 10 and 14 against the Pistons, and followed that up with 23, 9, and 3 against the heat. Ty had 17 and 4 against Detroit, and 25, 3, 3, and 3 against Miami. They're not as well balanced as the Houston Rockets were (who spanked us yesterday), but their team does have a number of guys that we have seen before / worked out before in : Keith Benson (who went to Oakland, up here in Michigan), Jamelle Hagins, Damion James (who isn't on Miami, despite Miami's website saying he is), Tornike Shengelia, and Chris Wright.

I honestly have no idea how they all play, but the box scores suggest the correct word here is: poorly.

That's fine with me because our Jazz team needs to figure itself out. Alec Burks played last game and continues to look like our best player, despite a left ankle injury. No word yet on Jerel McNeal (right knee) or Tony Gaffney (right adductor) -- but their status may have changed since I started writing this. Really, it's going to come down to getting stops and getting in transition.

Trey Burke isn't getting what he needs from his teammates in the halfcourt, so it has to be transition. Which means it has to be defense first. So I'm looking at Jeremy Evans and Rudy Gobert to give Mason Plumlee a lot of length to disrupt his inside shots and get all of the rebounds.

Additionally, it would be nice if someone stepped up this year from the cast of no-names. Last year we had that crash and/or smash guy step up. And Salah Mejri too. Let's see something, Rasid Mahalahaldhalahahbasic!

Tip off is at 9:00 am Mountain time (11:00 am EST), and the game is available on NBA TV, or IT"S ON RIGHT NOW!