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NBA Draft 2013: Raul Neto was traded for by the Utah Jazz on draft day, when should he come over?

N.B. This post ignores his contract which the Jazz cannot fully buy-out, which is on the books for two more seasons, IIRC. His agent is Dan Fegan (Shandon Anderson's agent, btw), and he already met with him after flying to Utah. We'll see what happens.

Some of you saw Raul Neto's first game at the NBA Level, albeit an NBA Summer League game where the Utah Jazz faced off, and trounced, the winless Brooklyn Nets. He looked good. He did instinctive point guard things like keeping his dribble alive, and moving the defense around to find open shots for his teammates. (It's pointless to dribble around if the defenders do not react or have to react to your movement, the point of dribbling is two-folds -- to advance the ball and move the defense around)

The NBA TV guys liked what they saw. So do the Jazz, who had him play so well despite being allowed to be involved in zero practices. (What he did he did with never being allowed to even play with these guys before -- he just did the Antonio Banderas move from 13th Warrior and watched and listened!)

Jazz fans loved what they saw.

So, when should we bring him over?