The Case for Neto

Let's be honest as Jazz fans: the most impressive players during the four games of summer league were Raul Neto and Rudy Gobert. The huge 7-plus-footer is on the team next year and will likely find minutes in the rotation.

Gobert alters shots in the paint and blocks shots. He's naturally a great help-defender. Anyone who comes to the paint will have to adjust their approach when he's on the court. Whether he can offer the Jazz anything offensively is simply a bonus for the organization and that will take time. In th meanwhile, he'll be a defensive force at least for now.

Trey Burke struggled this week but will still get his minutes.

And that leads us to Raul Neto. Now, I don't have any of the financial details that could be a hindrance to him coming to the States this year, so bear with me. Also, I don't have any statistics that will justify what I'm proposing either, so keep that in mind as well. But...Neto should be in a Jazz uniform next year.

If you watched the only 2 summer games he played in Orlando, and if you know PG basketball, you saw the makings of a great player. Everybody talked about Burkes' pick-and-roll play coming out of college and I'm sure he'll figure it out at the NBA level. But Neto HAS it now.

The most obvious thing I saw in the high pick-and-roll with him was the dribble before attacking the pick. It set his defender up to hit the screen in the chest of the screener, much like Tony Parker. It forced the defender into a bad situation and allowed the roller some room. Two options happen from this: either the collective defense sags into the paint to prevent the layup, leaving the outside open; or they fail to collapse in order to protect the perimeter, which leaves the ball-handler open for a jumpshot or the roller an open lane for the passer.

It's PG brilliance.

With only John Lucas III being the free agent talk of Jazz nation, and with the rebuild motion we're definitely in, doesn't it make sense to have your backup PG be a legitimate piece of the future? Bring back Jamal Tinsley and add Neto to the rebuild equation.

I'm not saying he's anything, including the next Ricky Rubio or blah, blah, blah. He's just a real PG and has the potential to be a serious player in this league.

Lindsey needs to get this done.

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