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NBA Summer League 2013: Who impressed you the most on the Utah Jazz roster?


I tend to look at numbers a lot, especially when helping to form an accurate, and quantitative, opinion of a player. It's almost impossible to do so. But hey, let's look at the 'other side' of basketball. Let's look at the eye-ball test here. And while we did not all get to watch every game, the most of us have seen at least bits and pieces from a few games. So from the limited data set we have, which Utah Jazz player passed the eye-ball test in Orlando this year? We'll look at stats later, and recap the entire event . . . but we're a team that has 1-2 'real' spots open, and we still need a point guard. (or three)

Veterans like Alec Burks and Jeremy Evans took care of business. Rookies like Trey Burke, Rudy Gobert, and Raul Neto had their ups and downs. New faces and familiar faces worked hard on the court all week long . . . but who impressed you the most this year?