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The Downbeat #1090 An Honest Billionaire?


Goodbye Summer League. What are your overall thoughts on the Summer League? I know some people analyze and critique the SL to death, and other people are like eh...Summer League. My simple answer, people and specifically players rise or lower themselves to the measure of their competition.

I think comparing the Summer League to the NBA is ridiculous, but also saying that it has no merit is ridiculous as well. Many of these players have been over scrutinized since they were15-16 playing high school ball. We know what basic skills they posses, and hopefully have a pretty good idea of what kind of decision makers they are on the court. However, the SL is great place for drawing board stuff. How do the players handle a shorter shot clock, how well do they execute brand new out-of-bound plays, how do they handle playing out of position or with a different type of player than they have played with before (Gobert), how quickly do they learn ect. That really wasn't simple. Apologies.

AK's new contract: The Good... Amar, Diana and Mylo sat down to talk about AK and his new contract. The Bad... It is raising some very big red flags around the league. Entire article from Yahoo Sports.

Only this time, the rest of the NBA believes the Nets have gone too far, delivering the league into an unfiltered rage. The signing of Russian free agent Andrei Kirilenko – a $10 million-a-year player last season – for Brooklyn's $3.1 mini-midlevel exception has transformed rival owners and front office executives into an angry mob of disbelievers.

The insinuations are unmistakable: Around the NBA, there are calls for the commissioner's office to investigate the possibilities of side deals and Russian rubles ruling the day – for now, unfounded charges based on circumstance and appearances.

The Rocky Mountain Review could possibly make a comeback... per @tribjazz

A couple of teams have apparently expressed interest in a return to Utah, although its unclear how many it would take for the Jazz to feel comfortable hosting the event. Ten teams participated at the Orlando Pro Summer League, while 22 are in Las Vegas for the summer league that tipped off Friday.

"As I’ve watched what’s going in Orlando, I keep saying, you know what? People really liked our summer league," Rigby said. "And so I’m going to make another run in the next month or so and see if we can get a handful of team to really come and enjoy our great state and our great fan base and see if we can get the summer league back in Salt Lake."

I would love this. The Rocky Mountain Review has always been a special place for fans and players to connect. I know that there are many in the media who would love the idea of driving ten minutes to cover these games. More importantly, it allows the Utah Jazz to continue a tradition that started almost 30 years ago. I say yes.

The NBA downtime. What do you do until Training Camp/Preseason. I know that I get excited when the schedule comes out, even more so now that I have moved out of state. I plan on attending at least one Spurs, Rockets, Mavs, and Thunder game, possibly more. Here are some important NBA scheduling dates to look forward to.

July 25th- The 2013-2014 Schedule is Released on NBATV

October 4th- Octobert 25th- Preseason starts and will play one game in Manilla, Philippines.

October 29th-Regular season starts (traditionally) with the Miami Heat (Previous year's Nba Champion) hosting the first game.

POLL Sort of... ESPN The Body Issue. Which Utah Jazz player would you have sent to do these photo shoots?