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The Downbeat: "CA’ I HAVE YO NUMBA? Could I Have It?" Edition

Could I please receive the secret code that if entered telephonically it will pass me through to you which means it will be your beautiful numba?

The 3 in question.
The 3 in question.
Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

The Utah Jazz will field a summer league team at minimum comprised of Trey Burke, Alec Burks, Kevin Murphy, and Rudy Gobert. Add in the possibility of Jeremy Evans and this could be one fun summer league this year. Trey Burke should have his fair share of alley-oops to Rudy Gobert and Jeremy Evans. If Alec Burks does attend next week the backcourt play should be top notch for a Summer League team.

Of course, there will be certain match-ups that will be great measuring sticks for the current crop of prospects. I have comprised a list of games for each Jazz player under contract and the potential matchup for each game.

Utah Jazz Prospect

Miami Heat Matchup Houston Rockets Matchup Brooklyn Nets Matchup Indiana Pacers Matchup

Trey Burke

Myck Kabongo Isaiah Canaan Matt Janning Jonny Flynn
Alec Burks James Ennis Vander Blue Tyshawn Taylor Orlando Johnson
Kevin Murphy James Ennis Vander Blue Dominique Sutton Ben Hansbrough
Jeremy Evans Jackie Carmichael Royce White/Terrance Jones Tornike Shengalia Christian Watford
Rudy Gobert Jarvis Varnado Donatas Montiejunas Keith Benson/Mason Plumlee Miles Plumlee

The matchups that seem the most intriguing to this committee of one are:

  • Burke vs. Kabongo
  • Burke vs. Isaiah Canaan (David Locke's favorite)
  • Burke vs. Johnny Flynn (This could be a great early barometer of success for Trey Burke)
  • Burks vs James Ennis (I just want Alec Burks to light up the Heat)
  • Burks vs Orlando Johnson (Orlando is a physical player. This could be a fun back and forth game within the game.)
  • Jeremy Evans vs Anybody (DUNKS. MUCHO DUNKS.)
  • Rudy Gobert vs. The Plumlees (Skill vs. The Unteachable Skill: Height)

The Utah Jazz are heavy favorites to win the championship ... of the Orlando Summer League. The Orlando Summer League will have a unique format with teams playing 4 games then one game against another equally seeded team according to the accumulative record of said team at the end of the week. 1 vs. 2, 3 vs. 4, etc. The Utah Jazz could very well win this thing. But watch out for Indiana. The Rockets could very well be stacked as well if they don't trade away half their roster by Sunday. No, really, this could very well happen with Darryl Morey at the helm.

It is only fitting that number 3 goes to #JerseyGate. First of all let's get a few things out of the way. Out of full disclosure I am an employee of FANZZ. Worked there for 3+ years. I love my job. I also want to keep my job. So boss people out there, I love you. Moving on.

Second thing, FANZZ is usually linked as a tip of the iceberg source whenever there is a possible trade imminent. Near the trade deadline it seems that the good old fans of the Utah Jazz will look into FANZZ stores and see if a certain player's jersey is on sale as if it would be a precursor to a roster shakeup. Fans will then get conspiracy theories if a certain player is on sale as if Kevin O'Connor, master of the "no comment", would disclose to a retail chain his deepest darkest secrets of player trades and negotiations but not to media, executives, or NBA owners. It's cute. But, honestly, FANZZ is a retail chain whose first and foremost priority is to make money and move product at a price that it moves at. It doesn't take a scientist to realize that when a player's contract is expiring, and said player is Raja Bell, that you have to change the price to allow the product to move. If Kevin O'Connor sends cryptic messages out through FANZZ then he has a terrible tell.

In summary thus far, I work for FANZZ and FANZZ is not an indicator of who will be traded or roster movement. FANZZ is its own beast.

Now with those facts in place let's indulge in the hilarity, shall we?

Just let these tweets melt over you like a warm butter.

So ... this is awkward. Meanwhile here's the timeline from FANZZ.

Now before you think, "MyLo works for FANZZ. He knows what happened."


First off, I'M ON VACATION. This whole thing happened while I was sunbathing at a local pool in the middle of Utah with my in-laws.

[The sunbathing was phenomenal. Thanks for asking. Also, if my father-in-law is reading this, hello. I promise this blogging thing will work out. Trust me. I might get paid for doing this. Also, don't judge me for writing in first person. This is not normal.]

Secondly, I work in Indiana, not Utah. This is not my area. So I have no idea what in the world went on. My only guess is that demand was so high for Burke jerseys that someone jumped the gun and got excited. Why do I believe that? Because that's what retail is about. Giving the customer what they want. Unfortunately, from what it sounds like, FANZZ jumped the gun.

Equally unfortunate is the happenstance that the Jazz were courting DeMarre Carroll today. This might be a bit of an awkward situation. This could be a funny story if DeMarre re-signs with Utah. Now I don't think that something like this actually would affect DeMarre's decision to sign in Utah. Especially since the Utah Jazz were not directly involved. Yes, it was one of Greg Miller's companies but not one that had any insider info. Burke is wearing number 33 at the Orlando Summer League so it is not as if the Jazz mercilessly took #3 from Carroll and gave it to their brand new point guard. All in all, this is a quirky story on a slow news day that did indeed prove to be entertaining as I scrolled through my timeline.

In closing on this whole topic I do hope that FANZZ will get some DeMarre Carroll jerseys in their shops as a mea culpa if DeMarre chooses to sign with Utah. He's a fan favorite. He works hard. He puts in work. In short, he is what we love to see in a Jazz player. So if he re-signs, give the kid his wish and get the man some jerseys. After all, he has been running around Utah doing great PR work for the Larry Miller Company like this:

The man did a camp in an LDS basketball gym with carpet. Let's see some Carroll jerseys in a few stores.

Kevin O'Connor was interview today and dropped some wonderful bits of knowledge.

What Kevin O'Connor said agrees with Dennis Lindsey's prior remarks of going "lean". Kevin O'Connor seems to still be working off the nightmares of that luxury capped year in which the Jazz failed to meet expectations and ended up paying a good amount of money in luxury taxes. I love this strategy. There is no reason to indulge in big time free agents this year. Now is not the time. The Jazz may have the cap space and the flexibility, but the timing is all off. Many teams behave as a high schooler on pay day. They are so excited to see some expendable income in their account that they end up blowing it all on the first pair of Nikes they see.

The Utah Jazz are now strategic. They are waiting and allowing the wheeling and dealing teams to do their work. Once they calm down the Jazz will target and identify the best deals. Efficiency is the name of the game this year. The number one priority is development. Great and exciting news.

This part of the Kevin O'Connor interview just made me happy. Amar and I had long theorized that not in the Jazz's wildest dreams did they think that Burke would fall even remotely close to where they could trade up to grab him. But, indeed, it happened. The Jazz had to alter all their main draft plans in order to go after him. This is promising news for all Jazz fans. This front office is aggressive. It has the right mix of old school and new school. I believe it's on par with the Rockets front office, San Antonio front office, Oklahoma City front office, and Ujuri. So read the next few tweets and enjoy.