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First Ever Jazz Fan Get Together Hosted By Slcdunk

Steve Dykes

What: Jazz Fan Get Together

When: Saturday, July 27, 10 AM

Where: Mount View Park

1651 Fort Union Boulevard, Salt Lake City, UT

Who: Jazz fans (although you will not be carded)

Details: This Saturday, we will have our first ever SLCDunk get together, although anybody is certainly welcome to come. I apologize for the late notice, but my schedule has been sort of crazy. However, I have promoted and promised that this will happen, so here it goes.

The park is really nice. There is a soccer field, a splash pad area for the kids and a basketball court with four hoops and availability for one full court game. We will be playing 5 on 5 and rotating games, but if there are a lot of people there, we can also visit, throw a football, frisbee, etc. I also plan on running a three point shooting contest for anyone who would like to participate with small prizes for the winners. So bring the whole family or just yourself. Even if you don't want to play sports, bring a blanket and snack and have a picnic and visit other Jazz fans like yourself.