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The Downbeat #1104 - Another Late Summer Edition


Shout out to everyone that came to play ball this past Saturday. We had a great turnout and played some really ugly, terribly sloppy, hoops and it was a blast. I know there's a bunch of us that are interested in making this a regular thing (monthly, bi-monthly).

As for myself, I missed so many point blank layups, it would have made Matt Harpring jealous. I blame those rims; they were unforgiving.

We're getting ever so slightly closer to the start of the season. Things are changing. Plans have been set into motion:

Last Friday Bill Oram (SL Trib) wrote a great article about the Jazz's need for a D-League team with sole affiliation. Currently there are only a few teams that are not directly owned or otherwise contractually affiliated with NBA teams. This was a big part of the development and discovery process for players during Dennis Lindsey's time in San Antonio and Houston, and he would like to run the same model in Utah. The problem is that there just aren't enough teams to go around. There has been one option that the Jazz are keeping an eye on, if the D-League approves expansion:

Jazz president Randy Rigby has expressed an interest in putting an expansion team in St. George

Today marked the official signing of Ian Clark, from the Jazz's press release:*

The Utah Jazz announced today that the team has signed rookie free-agent guard Ian Clark to a contract. Per team policy, terms of the agreement were not released.

This puts the Jazz roster at 13 players, where it will likely stay. The Jazz will want to maintain the flexibility to be able to take on additional players as the season nears the trade deadline.

*This actually JUST happened. One advantage to a late DB.

This is where we gauge interest in a SLC Dunk basketball league. I think it would be great if we could form some teams for games once or twice a month, but we could just all show up.

Which would you be most interested in?

How many times a month would you show up to play?