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NBA Rankings: Meta Analysis of the SB Nation blogger power rankings


Because I'm a crazy person (if only I had a straight jacket for every post I started like this) I had to look at the confidence ranges / consensus ranges for each team in the NBA. Us SB Nation bloggers filled out a handy dandy Google drive spreadsheet and maybe there was some peeking within the groups. While only 22 of us filled it out, there were some teams we were sold on, and some teams where we couldn't disagree more about. For the actual SB Nation write up on the results click here.

Most of us figured that the 76ers are going to be a bottom 5 team next year, and all of us ranked the Miami Heat as the #1 team. After that, well, the only other team in the entire NBA that us bloggers were in agreement about (prediction range of 5 or less) was the Memphis Grizzlies.


Click on this to make it big! (N.B. Not the Wham! album)

The rankings for our Utah Jazz seem to be as diverse in opinion as we Jazz fans ourselves have. We don't know what we're going to get. Sure, there's less uncertainty with us (we're a third tier team right now, 21 and lower) when you compare to the Atlanta Hawks or Cleveland Cavaliers -- who could go to the playoffs or be tanking -- but there's still uncertainty there.

What range do you see our team finishing around?