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The Downbeat #1117: Papa O'Connor Edition

The Downbeat is fresh today. With banana stand packed action.

Papa O'Connor
Papa O'Connor

Kevin O'Connor is making his return on the radio waves. Good old Monilogue kindly transcribed the interview on her website. Quick plug for Jazz Fanatical. If that is not in your favorites by now then you need to step up your game. Luckily Kevin O'Connor came to save the day and settle, once and for all, the debate on beautiful women.

I think they’ve been beautiful since Adam and Eve, but that’s, you know, that’s in the eye of the beholder…

They might dress differently but, you know, I think, you know, 30 years from now, people’ll be looking at how women dress today and look it at like old-fashioned.

Many a Jazz fan is well aware about Utah's emphasis on a "winning culture" and requiring young players to earn their minutes. But things are starting to change. Kevin O'Connor has been at the center of this debate. That all changed with Dennis Lindsey and his insistence on going young and, gasp, giving minutes to young players. As you can see Kevin O'Connor is having trouble with this adjustment.

When Talking About Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Alec Burks, and Enes Kanter

‘Cause I think a lot of times you get in a situation where you have guys that don’t earn it, that put up numbers on a team that’s gonna be a lottery team again, and you never get ‘em into the habits that you want ‘em to have.

When Talking About Trey Burke

[Burke] is gonna get thrown to the wolves a little bit in this respect, and he’s gonna have to come out at the other end of the tunnel.

Let me translate this for you. Kevin O'Connor is the Father of the family. When the first children come in he has such lofty goals for them that he invariably places unrealistic expectations. These children fall short. They still become amazing people but Father O'Connor still can't get past what they could have been in his eyes. Then the youngest comes along. Father O'Connor is tired of the parenting gig. The youngest gets everything before the oldest children did. Gets to play video games longer. Hang out with friends past 10 PM. Gets to have a sleepover at Brad's house and doesn't even get told no. Gets to have Jolt Cola even though you're still not allowed. Sorry, what were we talking about again? Oh yeah, the youngest child getting everything like a spoiled brat. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, GABE!

My point is Trey Burke is the youngest until he's replaced with Andrew Wiggins. Then he'll be the youngest. The parent of the family has the unenviable task of keeping things fair and even. But it's just impossible. I know it's REALLY easy to make fun of the Jazz front office for the sudden about face. REALLY EASY. But let's look at this from another perspective.

How will these young guys look at Trey Burke when he is able to crack a starting lineup and not be pulled at a moment's notice? I know everyone is excited but the older kids will, unrealistically, want things to have some sort of fairness. I pray the Core 4 will look at Trey Burke and be happy that he did not have to deal with Papa O'Connor's unrealistic minute expectations. Will that happen? No idea. I just hope they do.

Kevin O'Connor was asked if Tyrone Corbin will use more pick and roll this year. Without even batting an eyelash and with complete disregard to the irony of the comment that was about to exit his lips he said:

I think Ty played with a guy named Stockton that was pretty good at that. …

So we’re gonna go to this strength of players, but they’ve gotta, we’ve gotta assimilate them into the system a little bit, in what we’re trying to do. You don’t wanna just go pick and roll with him, and you know, leave Enes and Derrick standing somewhere where they’re not effective. You want to put the ball in Gordon’s hands more. …

That’s some of the things that COACH is gonna look at. You know, we go analytics to the nth degree, as far as how many times going right, running the pick and roll, with who is the "four" and who’s the "three," and everything like that; line up the discussions.

So we’ll do it, and we’ll do it well, and Ty will do it like the good coach he is.

Bravo, O'Connor. Bravo.



I think Gordon Hayward is getting excited for the season.

Just to put another tally on who brought Karl Malone back into the equation for the Utah Jazz. Yet another story that credits Derrick Favors with asking to work with Mailman. I'm not sure how much you can trust the source though.

I heard that Karl’s bashing him, man. I heard that it was really intense workouts. And you know, Fav kinda asked to work with Karl, I think he got everything he wanted and more from him.

So I think it was a good workout. I didn’t get a chance to see it, but from everything that I’ve heard, it was good for Fav and you know, that’s a guy you can definitely learn a lot from.

- Gordon Hayward

There's always money in the banana stand. As evidenced by this story by the Gothamist.

The MTA knows there's always money in the banana stand, to the tune of $26 million if it's on a coveted SoHo corner. According to the Washington Square Journal, real estate investment firm Madison Capital purchased the 6,190-square foot plot of land on the south east side of Houston and Broadway on Monday. "We had not predicted anything like this kind of money for this … somewhat oddly shaped triangular parcel down in Soho," revealed MTA director of real estate Jeffrey Rosen. "This is a splendid result."