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NBA Offseason 2013: SB Nation Top 100 Best NBA Players analysis


So the guys at the mothership ranked the Top 100 best NBA players . . . for the year 2017. (That's 4 years from now, guys) Well, the Jazz were represented by four guys (one of our draft picks, and three guys currently on our roster). I think I'm a homer to a certain degree so I had to look into the rankings for our guys. I HOPE they are better than what the committee felt . . . and I'm sure you guys felt so as well.

Rank Player Ahead of Behind
91 Paul Millsap Jeff Green DeAndre Jordan Isaiah Austin Rudy Gay Josh Smith Cody Zeller
80 Gordon Hayward Klay Thompson O.J. Mayo Iman Shumpert Giannis Antetokounmpo Dion Waiters Kobe Bryant
52 Enes Kanter Jimmy Butler Tristan Thompson Joakim Noah John Henson Larry Sanders Chris Bosh
27 Derrick Favors Jahlil Okafor Greg Monroe Marc Gasol Nerlens Noel DeMarcus Cousins LaMarcus Aldridge

First of all, Paul making the list is really nice. I appreciate that. Being Top 100 means that, in a perfect situation, you are a starter no matter what. There are 30 teams, and each have 5 starters, so that's 150 dudes. Top 100 means that you're a starter who isn't one of those "starters by default" like we've been used to from starting guys like Adam Keefe or Randy Foye instead of more talented players.

Second, Hayward at #80 is pretty low for me. I like that he's ranked ahead of some dudes people REALLY like now, but I don't get how he's behind some of the guys he's behind in four years. Chandler Parsons is way ahead of him here, aren't they the same guy, except Gordon actually also plays defense? Giannis hasn't even played yet, and Kobe + 4 more years = still better than Gordon? I surely hope not. Nothing against Vindaloo or whatever he's calling himself now (Kobe giving himself nicknames <<<<< Shaq giving himself nicknames), but Hayward at his physical peak should be better than an ancient Hall of Famer coming off of a billion injuries.

I'm not really upset at Kanter being, effectively, a Top 50 player in 4 years. But John Henson? Really? Now I only watched about 30 Bucks games last year, but I didn't really think he was going to blow up.

I am really upset at DeMarcus Cousins being ahead of Favors here.

Favors will show you, SB Nation dudes! FAVORS WILL SHOW YOU ALL!