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The Downbeat #1133

Quick and Dirty...

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

David Locke sharing with Jazz fans some fantastic news that is 20 plus years in the making.

Unfortunately for me it will be a while before I get to see the benefits of this new addition.

Ty Corbin and Monty Williams in South Africa for BWB... two pictures and one more. I would liken this to members of the LDS church visiting Palmyra, New York or Carthidge Jail. There is great reward in connecting with one's history and one's heritage. You can read the full NBA Report here.

Former Jazz Man Ronnie Brewer officially signs with the Houston Rockets. Congrats. Ronnie was a good dude and has created a roster spot out of effort and hustle.

.Jazz fans' college football connections. I assume that most of you reading this (Amar you don't count) have some sort of affiliation or with one of the local colleges. Share your affiliation in the comments. I graduate from UVU, but was raised on Cougar Blue.

Music Selection... a few singles were released in the past couple of weeks and I want to know where you stand on some of them... See singles below and answer in the poll....These songs are not edited for Radio....