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The Downbeat #1147: In Spokane Edition

Trey makes a trip to the Pacific Northwest, a former MVP is disrespected by NBA Rank, and tanking.

Is Trey Burke going to meet the Legend?
Is Trey Burke going to meet the Legend?
Steve Dykes

According to Spokane's Community Event Calendar the following events are taking place today:

Rabbity Interlude - Art Exhibition
  • "Rabbity Interlude" Tresia Oosting After a recent spring visit to Scotland Tresia Oosting has created new work based on inspirations from an amazing journey. She was taken by the cute wild rabbits, laundry blowing in the wind, constant drizzle of rain and the magic of standing stones older than the Great Pyramids of Giza. Artist’s Reception Friday, September 6th, 6 to 8pm Proceeds benefit the Spokane Art School
SpIFF Professor Film Series Presents Fargo
  • Join us for Fargo, the blanc-noir classic about a kidnapping gone very wrong that elevated the Coen brothers to Oscar winners. The evening is hosted by movie enthusiasts and critics Dan Webster, Mary Pat Treuthart and Nathan Weinbender of Movies 101. You'll have a pretty good time, for sure.
Table Tennis Drop-In Play
  • Welcome to a fun evening of table tennis! Enjoy play and free coaching for beginners, young or old and the top players in Spokane.
We can only assume that one of these major national events is why Trey Burke decided to head to Spokane, WA.



[Update 9:06AM: Trey Burke sometime this morning deleted the tweet and took it down. What this could infer is up to interpretation. Just like the original tweet. Also, thank you, monilogue for the screengrab of the tweet.]

Oh and this guy. is once again ranking the top 500 players in the NBA. It should surprise no one that the Utah Jazz have 3 current players in the bottom 100 during this season of tanking rebuilding.




I, for one, am shocked that a former Summer League MVP was so disrespected.

Do you suck at basketball? Maybe this will help. A Kickstarter project is aiming to help you become a better shooter. Yes, you, the guy who camps out behind the 3 point line all game long thinking you're Ray Allen and never gets back on defense because you fail to realize that basketball is a cardiovascular activity.

I only bring up this tweet because we are getting close to training camp.

Alec Burks retweeted this tweet from DeMarre Carroll. Though we rarely get to see what happens behind the scenes when the real coaching occurs we do know this: Jeff Hornacek helped Alec Burks immensely with his shot. It will be interesting to see if Alec Burks' shot continues to improve without the presence and guidance of assistant coach Jeff Hornacek. I want rehash what I already wrote about Jeff Hornacek on Sunday, but, needless to say, I'm very intrigued to see how the shooters on this Jazz squad adjust to the vacancy of the Jumpshot Whisperer, Jeff Hornacek. had an entire week devoted to tanking. I expressed my thoughts on the issue when it debuted.

Tom Ziller of SBNationNBA evidently shared the same sentiment.

The argument from the TrueHoop squad is that it's bad for basketball and its fans to have intentionally horrid teams, and that the strategy -- be awful to get good -- doesn't even work. All fixes spring from that position: tanking is bad for the league, and it doesn't even work.


But I'm still struggling to believe the first part of the argument, that this is a drain on the league. Where are the victims here? Who is this hurting?

Check out the entirety of the piece. It's an excellent use of your time. We as fans, and also as writers and bloggers, like to attack teams that tank, but, ultimately, there are not any victims in tanking. In fact, when the Golden State Warriors went on the most blatant tanking expedition in recent memory back in 2011-2012, it prevented the Utah Jazz from obtaining a quality lottery pick. It was actually a brilliant and strategic move.

The Warriors acquired Harrison Barnes and the Utah Jazz selected Kevin Murphy. Kevin Murphy was ultimately traded to the Warriors to free cap space so that they could obtain Andre Igoudala and add him to the young core of Curry, Thompson, and Barnes. I am willing to admit that most of the vitriol the Warriors receive from Jazz fans over that move is not disdain for tanking but jealousy. Jazz fans look longingly at what the Warriors were able to obtain from that trip to the lottery.

During that season there was a chorus of voices from the Jazz fan base that questioned the reasoning of fighting for the 8th seed. For the Jazz's hard work of being a fringe playoff contender they were unceremoniously swept out of the playoffs by the San Antonio Spurs. For the Warriors blatant and obvious tank job, they received Harrison Barnes. Who then helped them reached the 2nd round of the 2012-2013 NBA Playoffs and pushed the Spurs to six games winning a total of 6 more playoff games than the overachieving 2011-2012 Utah Jazz. Something to think about.