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The Downbeat #1150 Friday Edition

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Andy Lyons

Imagine the Conversation:


" Yeah Trey"

" I know that Derrick, Enes and Jeremy have been working with Karl this summer and I really wanted to see if ummm..." "Well I wanted to ask if uhhh..."

"Spit it out Trey"

"Is it possible if maybe we uhhh...or I could uhhh work with John Stockton maybe, possibly, if he isn't too busy?"

"I will look into it"

Diana shared her thoughts in yesterday's DB which were noteworthy as well. I can only imagine a comparable would be John Stockton sitting down with Oscar Robinson or Bob Cousy. I am not comparing Trey Burke to John Stockton (Blasphemy) other than the fact of a young player learning from the great players to come before him. I am huge fan of mentoring. It works, not just in basketball, but in a ton of other professions. This will help Trey both on and off the court.

Utah Jazz 1-4 High Double Back Screen

. Screen_shot_2013-09-19_at_2

This is our entry into the little-big back screen that the Utah Jazz used with John Stockton and Karl Malone back in the day. You may be able to get the ball to the 2 on the first basket cut, but more often than not the x5 defender will be sagging on the back screen, leaving 5 open to catch on the wing. If your 5 isn't a shooter, you may want to change up personnel to avoid allowing that defender to play off the ball and take away the entry to 4.

  1. 1 gives to 3 on the dribble handoff while 5 v-cuts to back screen for 2. 4 steps out to set a middle ball screen for 3.

  2. 3 comes off 4's ball screen and hits 5 shaping up after the back screen for 2

I found this cool website that breaks down plays for high school and college coaches. There are few of the Jazz set pieces on there. One that a lot of you may recognize is the Slip Curl out of bounds play and also the Double Back screen. I won't share them here, but you can check them out on the website. Anyway, technology and progress is fantastic for fans.

Hoopsworld 2013-2014 Utah Jazz Preview All five guys picked us to be 5th(last) in the Northwest Division Here are some other interesting points they made.

It’ll be tough for Utah to compete with more experienced, veteran-laden teams.

Or we may be to young to know that we aren't supposed to win some games that we are not supposed to win. I don't think we are going to get a 2004 effort out of these guys but I am looking in the 21-26 win range, or 1 in every four games.

This is a clear rebuilding year and one that should have zero playoff expectations from its fan base.

I agree with this statement completely. I don't think we back door into any sort of playoff position. I think it will take until Christmas for the guys to start flowing together.

Two hours of pure goodness. A podcast is not easy, nor is live radio. Five and half years ago Jimmy and I started the Utah Jazz Podcast. At that time it was the only podcast dedicated to the Utah Jazz. Since then we have seen a lot more options (for which I am grateful) including: Andrew's Utah Jazz Podcast, The SaltCityHoops Saturday Show/Podcast, The Clark and Andy Podcast, LockedonSports Podcasts, UtahSpotsnet's Podcast, Torn by Sports, and Rant Sports. Without reservation and with full support I am super stoked to welcome Slcdunk officially to the Podcast table. The plan is to run both on a regular basis. Jimmy, Mikey and I will get back into the swing of things shortly... until then.... I suggest the above mentioned podcasts. Get involved, share opinions, argue, give feedback, those are all necessary parts to an engaging Podcast.

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