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The Downbeat # 1156: Maturity Smaturity


Trey Burke was recently interview by Rise24 and the video was shared on Youtube and

"I always loved playing with a really good big man. I could remember watching him in high school when he was one of the top-recruited prospects in the country. I followed him since high school. Now, getting an opportunity to play with him, I'm excited."

If you have watched any videos on Trey Burke you know that he understands the PNR. He doesn't make perfect decisions, but he knows when to stretch it out, split it, take the corner ect. If Favors has learned (from Malone) the other side of the PNR these two could be magical to watch.

Enese Kanter Vowing Maturity from Bill Oram and the TRIB

No more, he vowed, will the player who once emerged from the Jazz locker room wearing a SpongeBob SquarePants T-shirt use his popular Twitter feed to conduct a casting call for the women of Salt Lake City to join him at the Cheesecake Factory, or to disseminate photos showing off his physique. Like it or not, the Jazz’s most entertaining player seems to be growing up.

I personally think that Kanter could become a leader. He has a good personality, a sense of humor, and some untapped leadership skills that need to be honed. I like the idea of GH being the leader, but that notion feels forced at times.


Are the Lakers Better than the Utah Jazz? The simple answer Yes. The long and detail answer comes from Eric Pincus and LA Times You can follow Eric on Twitter here. I like the way that Eric breaks down each position and gives both teams a realistic win total for the season. Low 30's for the Jazz and 45ish for the Lakers. While I could see us winning more than that, and the Lakers losing more than 45 games, I think he is within five games of both totals.

Here is some twitter follow up on the piece.

Watching old games. I know some of you can't get through the next couple of weeks.Here you Go. There are seven old Utah Jazz games for your enjoyment. Most of them are from 93-94.


Tweet of the Week. Goes to Alex Kennedy