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The Downbeat #1138 Stat Geeks Unite

Happy Birthday Ron!

By Spencer Campbell

Stats Sports/vu is officially coming to the NBA. Many arenas have been using them already, but the software and cameras will be installed and running in every arena starting this season. What is Sports Vu you ask? Well it is a full time player, court, and basketball tracking system. A ping is sent 25 times every second to every camera on an x,y,z access. This would mean that over the course of one game there are 48 min x 60 seconds= 2800 seconds x 150 (6x25 camera shots) 480,000 single shots x 14 (10 players + 3 refs + 1 ball) = 6,048,000 data points for every game. Man I wish @anyblarsen was here to help me on this. I assume that Sportsvu will have some sort of package for the public like Synergy.

Here is the data that we can get from having the xyz access with all of these data points.

. Screen_shot_2013-09-06_at_7


There will be other combinations of data that will be used as well. My personal favorite... the Hockey pass, the pass that setup the assist.

Happy Birthday to Ron Boone. No matter what your thoughts are on Ron Boone as a player or announcer, he deserves a stand up slow clap. He has done a lot for this organization, and for the most part has been willing or has always taken the back seat to his more attention needy partners.



John Stockton will make a public appearance this weekend, when he "inducts" Gary Payton into the Basketball Hall of Fame. I have not found any interviews leading up to this, but watch for them on Saturday and Sunday.



Bryon Russell is now a former Laker....ugh. Either way Bryon Russell is giving back. Russell is giving back to his community by speaking out against underage drinking. As been said previously, Jazz news is hard to find in the sept.



Poll: What is your favorite non Stockton/Malone era Utah Jazz memory? Add in Comments