8 or 9 Men ONLY

We've been throwing lineups and minutes around for a long time now this summer. However, many of us have failed to realize that we're trying to get playing time for the C4, 3 rookies, Rush, Marvin, Evans, JL3, and still finding out if Beans has anything left in the tank. Add Jerel McNeal likely rejoining and we have a 13 man rotation. Sadly, this will never pass. A good team plays only 8 or 9 guys. This post outlines who I think should fit that 8 or 9 guys. First, the 5 starters will be listed. Next, 3 or 4 players were added as backups. Lastly, a few other players will be listed as end of bench guys(i.e. 0-15 minutes role energy guys, situational players, injury backup, or a body that can give 6 fouls), and the rest are relegated to garbage time. With no further ado, here they are.


PG--Trey Burke (I want to make this Alec Burks, but I'll be reasonable)

SG--Alec Burks

SF--Gordon Hayward

PF--Derrick Favors

C--Enes Kanter


Bigs--Jeremy Evans, Andreis Biedrins/Rudy Gobert (whoever wins in training camp and pre-season)

Wings--Brandon Rush, Marvin Williams

PG--none, job will be covered by Alec Burks

End of Bench

The loser of the Andreis biedrins/Rudy Gobert battle, Ian Clark

Garbage Time

Jerel McNeal, JL3, Richard Jefferson

This listing gives 9 guys in the regular rotation with 2 seeing spot minutes and 3 rarely sniffing the court. It's tough, especially since it cuts off Ian Clark and potentially Rudy Gobert from seeing a lot of minutes, but we can't have 10-man rotations with Corbin's signature hockey subs. It just doesn't work.

Now, I know the follow-up question is, will this 9-man rotation create useable lineups? Well, Here's my attempt at that. I'll only present the first 24 minutes, assuming that the 2nd 24 minutes is exactly the same.

0-4 minutes

Burke, Burks, Hayward, Favors, Kanter

4-8 minutes

Burks, Rush, Hayward, Favors, Kanter

8-12 minutes

Burke, Rush, Williams, Favors, Beans/Gobert

12-16 minutes

Burke, Hayward, Williams, Evans, Kanter

16-20 minutes

whoever is hot

20-24 minutes

Burke, Burks, Hayward, Favors, Kanter (can replace 1 or 2 of these guys with the player that is hot)

Here's the minute distribution for that

Burke--32 @ pg

Burks--8 @ pg, 16 @ sg

Hayward--8 @ sg, 24 @ sf

Favors--32 @ pf

Kanter--32 @ c

Rush--16 @ sg

Williams--16 at sf

Evans--8 @ pf

Beans/Gobert-- 8 @ c


pg--40 minutes

sg--40 minutes

sf--40 minutes

pf--40 minutes

c--40 minutes

which gives 8 minutes at each position to give to whoever is hot or to the end of bench guys.

Obviously this rotation isn't perfect. I don't even like it that much, especially since it only gives Burks 24 minutes and has Evans and Beans/Gobert only taking 4 minute stints. It also has lineups that aren't guaranteed to work. Please feel free to suggest changes.

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