Hayward To Suns

We need to face the cold hard truth. Some team this summer will offer Gordon Hayward a max or near-max contract that we will not be comfortable matching. He's not a first option player, but rather a great complimentary 2nd or 3rd option player. Favors is a great player who's locked down long-term. But he's a defense and rebounding player and I'm not sure he could ever be a 2nd or 3rd scoring option on a championship level team. That leaves Hayward as the first option. We need to trade Hayward right now for pieces that will help us in the long term. Even if we signed Hayward to a 4 year offer sheet, by the time we could draft and develop other legitimate scoring options, it would most likely be the last year of his deal. That leaves me with this trade:

Hayward to Suns for Washington Wizards 2014 pick, Minnesota Timberwolves 2014 pick, 2015 Suns second round pick.

That would leave us with two more 2014 nba draft picks. Both will most likely fall between 13th and 18th in this deep and loaded draft. Suns would be able to sign Hayward long term and a core of Hayward, Bledsoe, and Dragic has the makings of a young and promising team.

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