The Bafflement Report: Draft Status Droppings

If it's on the Internet machine, it must be true. I read that on the Internet. So it goes.

According to my recent research of trustworthy sites such has "Hoopshype" and "The Onion," it appears that the once lauded draft of the century has been over-hyped by those who hype and who now don't believe in their previous hyping on several draft prospects, including Andrew Wiggins.

In fact, dudes are saying that Wiggins might fall to 3-5 and definitely won't be one or two come draft day. Apparently Jabari Parker will be number once, despite Duke about to fall out of the rankings, and Embiid out of Kentucky will be number two. From there, it might be a question mark whether or not Mr. Wiggins will come even in third.

If true--again it was on the Internet-- it changes the entire conversation here in Jazz-, Bucks-, and Sixers-land.

It would seem that if we fall into the top-3 picks that Embiid would be the least desirable since we have Favors and Kanter...except we have no idea who Kanter is thanks to some particularly baffling mismanagement of the Turkish studmuffin by our coaching staff infection.

I personally don't watch any college basketball because I don't own a television and that's because I value what I put into my brain. So, I honestly don't know. And even if I had the opportunity to watch some college ball, I don't know that I would be able to take an honest look at how one's game may translate to the big boys' league because my brain was infected by television when I was younger.

It will be interesting to see if Parker continues to be "the guy" even though Coach K's squad is falling apart, if Embiid will be the man coming out of college, and if riggin' for Wiggins ends with someone else bumping him out of the top-5 prospects.

One such report that I read was that if the Cavs or Pelicans were asked to give up Kyrie Irving or Anthony Davis for the number one overall pick, their respective GMs would laugh at the idea.

Maybe this draft is slipping. Maybe it's not. But all of a sudden and for the first time since people started talking about this class, nobody is nearly as sold since they've seen these guys play in college. Puts a new spin on the way we've looked and will continue to look at our own squad methinks.

And the Internet is true. You read it here, on the Internet, so you know you can trust me.

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