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Utah Jazz vs Denver Nuggets: A History of Hatred

A historical look at the Utah Jazz and the Denver Nuggets. Why we're better than them. Why they can't beat us in the playoffs. And some of our memories of this rivalry.

Andy Lyons

Tonight the Utah Jazz face off against mountain range rivals, the Denver Nuggets. Utah is the worst team in the west right now and who knows what the status is going to be come gametime for Gordon Hayward (Hip Sexor Flexor) and Marvin Williams (Illness (?)). Those are two of our starters. Of course, Denver has their own trouble right now with Andre Miller, Danilo Gallinari, JaVale McGee, Anthony Randolph, and Darrell Arthur all either injured, hurt, or suspended. (Or in the case of Miller, maybe more than one thing, he's probably suspended right now and feels hurt.)

The 12-26 Jazz are now 7-11 at home, but still only 2-5 against their own division. The Nuggets are aiming for the playoffs and at 19-17 are in the current 9th seed. They are a respectable 8-9 at home and a very commendable 7-3 against the other teams in the North West division. We've played twice so far and are 1-1, and will play two more times. The Jazz lost to the Nuggets 100-81 at home back on November 11th; and the jazz beat the Nuggets 103-93 in Denver. For the record the Jazz lead the all-time series 101-72, and the Jazz are a dominant 68-19 at home. In the playoffs the Jazz and Nuggets faced off four times, and each time the Jazz ended up beating the Nuggets: in '84 (3-2), '85 (4-1), '94 (4-3), and '10 (4-2). That's a 11-8 record there, or 4-0 if you are looking at series wins.

But this rivalry is more than just location. And it's more than just the wins and losses. It's about the individual memories we have about playing the Nuggets. Who can forget having to worry about Chris Jackson, er, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, J.R. Smith, Chauncey Billups, Alex English, Dale Ellis, Allen Iverson, Darrell Walker, Kenyon Martin, Voshon Lenard, Brian Williams, er, Bison Dele, Lafayette Lever, Robert Pack, Michael Adams, Carmelo Anthony, LaPhonso Ellis, Jon Barry, Tom Hammonds, Eduardo Najera, Bryant Stith, Tim Legler, Marcus Camby, Bill Hanzlik, Nene, Renaldo Balkman, James Posey, Linas Kleiza, Dan Issel (if you old), Raef LaFrentz, Rodney Rogers, Kiki Vandeweghe . . . and of course . . . Dikembe Mutombo. (The Mt. Mutombo to the Alps that is former Denver Nuggets draft pick Rudy Gobert)

I dislike a lot of those players listed above, not all of them, but a lot of them are guys I could care less about. I remember the thuggery. I remember stuff from years ago (like fouling Felton Spencer to send him to the line in crunch time) and stuff that's recent (Arron Afflalo trying to decapitate Gordon Hayward). I remember the good times and the bad.

On Twitter I asked what did YOU remember, and here are a few memories.

And the future revealed:

Add your memories in the comments section! What do you remember from this historical, regional, and divisional rivalry?