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NBA Trades: The Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, Boston Celtics make moves, Danny Ainge's gambit

Danny Ainge is a dark wizard


Okay, there's some NBA news which does affect our precious Utah Jazz a little bit. But here's the quick rundown: Danny Ainge is a dark wizard. Or possibly a warlock. We don't have the full details on that. But here's Adrian Wojnarowski's tweet bomb from lunchtime:

Other national reporters / media had this to add:

Yeah, so the Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, and a little bit of the Philadelphia 76ers, did something. I'd like to see our team get involved too, unless we're saving up our expiring deals for cap space that we'll just end up using to partner with teams doing salary cap dump trades like we did last off-season. Either way, trade season is heating up.

This trade does make the Warriors less likely to miss the playoffs, and makes the Celtics more likely to have a bad record this year. So on both spectra we are falling farther behind with this deal.