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Utah Jazz 40 at 40: The half season mark, history, and more

The New Orleans Jazz / Utah Jazz franchise is in the middle of their 40th season in the NBA. A little more than a middle actually, they have played 42 of 82 games. In light of this here are 40 posts about this team, team history, and where it all meets in the middle.

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The Utah Jazz, a team my life has revolved around since the 80s, is 40 this year. I love my team and know its' history. I know our players. I know how we play. I know our strengths. And I know our weaknesses. I know these things because I love this team. I watch every loss three times (even though I said I'd stop doing that). I either pay for or have been granted access to a variety of tools, from being someone with NBA Media Center access, to getting the 'good' version of MySynergy, to others. The point here is that the opinions I share come from a place of understanding, not ignorance or knee-jerk reactionism.

Over the last two years this website has been made fun of, personally attacked, the people who post here and comment here have been insulted both to their face and behind their backs, and the servers themselves a victim of a denial of service attack. And worse than all of that, the fanhood of those who call this place 'home' has been called into question. That's something I cannot stand, and I can't turn the other cheek every single time. So I am going to start researching and writing, and post 40 stories about the Utah Jazz between Sunday and the next Jazz game: 40 at 40. I'm not asking for any help. This is a personal challenge. I don't like to ever go on the attack, but I am sick of the cowards, the uneducated, and the willfully ignorant disruptors. I will write more than you do in a year . . . in two days. If you are my better, then do better. If you are not, admit it, and back off.

SLC Dunk can be your home too, but instead you decided to throw the first stone. Fans. Unpaid writers. Paid writers. Professional PR employees. The only thing that matters on the internet is content. Even if I don't reach my goal of 40 posts, it will at least display some of the content that is available at this site. We don't take the off-season off. We don't even take the weekends off. And if you elect to stop reading the posts and comments made by members of this community then you are choosing to downgrade your own personal fan experience.

The people who make up SLC Dunk make this place THE place to go to for Utah Jazz information, discussion, and analysis. When you insult me, I don't care. But when you insult them you wake a sleeping giant.