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Salt Lake Tribune Reporting: Hot Rod Hundley has Alzheimers Disease

Long Time play-by-play voice for the Utah Jazz, Hot Rod Hundley diagnosed with Alzheimers

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Luhm of the Salt Lake Tribune reported tonight that Hot Rod has Alzheimers and it is in the 'moderate" stage.

From the Tribune article:

Hundley, 79, lives in Arizona with his partner, Kim Reardon. She told The Salt Lake Tribune this week that the disease has progressed to a "moderate" stage.

Hundley no longer speaks to large groups, Johnson said. But they plan to attend festivities in Utah next week, when the Jazz will honor former coach Jerry Sloan.

As a longtime Jazz fan, this news breaks my heart. I feel sad.

Listen to Hod Rod exclaim "hammer dunk" in this Stockton to Malone fast break.

Now watch these amazing highlights of Hot Rod from the Mountaineers

And now Hot Rod interviewing Bob Hope

We love you Hot Rod. Our prayers are with you and your family.