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The Downbeat #1263 What is the role of a sports fan?

What is your role as a Utah Jazz Fan?
What is your role as a Utah Jazz Fan?
George Frey

What is the role/duty/responsibility of a sports Fan? I ask because I think their are as many different answers as there are fans. I know there is not one specific answer, but want to open the idea up for discussion and dialogue. Is it to have opinions based on fact, and stats? Or is it based on results, effort and entertainment value? Is it to live and die by your team no matter how well they play or not play? How much sacrifice/time/energy is involved? Where do loyalties, traditions and rivalries fit in? What do you think is your role is as a Utah Jazz Fan?

For some, the writing is on the wall. Monson: Corbin’s return to Jazz is hard to defend | The Salt Lake Tribune

Nobody has come out and said that, all straight and plain. But connect the dots here: coach in last year of deal, with no new contract in sight, new general manager brought in after Corbin had been made coach, with new perspectives, new ideas, new plans, and Jazz bosses come out and talk about playing all kinds of strenuous defense.

Is it okay when a columnist writes it.

.A Rudy Gobert Scouting Report via SaltCityHoops and @Ben_Dowsett

I recommend reading the entire article, here is what I liked.

The majority of his upside is on the defensive end, and this is very unlikely to change at any point in his career. Shoddy previous competition or not, a 7’8+ wingspan with any reasonable level of intelligence is almost sure to yield at least a positive rim defender, if not an elite one. In addition, Gobert has deceptively quick foot speed for a man his size, perhaps his most underrated quality.

Ben, goes on to breakdown some of Rudy's positions/positioning on the floor. While Gobert will never be the savior for us on Defense, he has a particular set of skills that will strengthen our second unit once he gets some regular minutes. Also not considered, is altered shots or kick outs for lower percentage shots see this explanation from 82

The Utah Jazz are leading the technology push for fans... this is both fascinating and also a little scary.

Sporting Innovations is working with the NBA to allow in-stadium mobile replay next season, using the Utah Jazz as a test case. Pasha says that it has also begun talking with other teams within the league too about adopting FAN360, such as the Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics.

In my mind, this is like a live crowd source for a specific event. Imagine being able to see a dunk from the front row while sitting in the upper bowl. Image a Gif of a Jeremy Evans dunk from 30 or 40 different angles. Now imagine that 10-15 seconds after it happens. Possibly ordering concessions from your phone, paying for it from your google wallet or Fan360 account and the food being ready when you get to the stand... Why the big push for the "New Mobile App" this article is part of the answer.

Broncos or Seahawks?