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The Downbeat #1242 - The Rookie Point Guard Edition

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

To address the first thing on everyone's mind: No additional information about the possible Jefferson/Bynum trade, as of this writing (8:20 am).

No tweets from Woj in 16 hours

Stein is all about the C's/Grizz trade

Last night, our friend Jody Genessy posted a great article about the much-maligned Enes Kanter. Some people have already written Kanter off as a bust, while others swear it is mismanagement of the young player. Whatever you believe, it's good to see the big guy get some confidence back, and play with a little more reckless abandon. There have been times where he has looked so terrified to make a mistake that it has paralyzed him and made the situation worse. He hasn't had too many of those moments in the last few games, and it shows in his performance.

All about Trey.

Yesterday I was thinking about the differences between Michael Carter-Williams and Trey Burke. MCW has been lauded most of the season, and with good reason; he is playing fantastically. Trey, however, has come on very strong in recent weeks (er... since he started playing, post injury) and as everyone knows, won Rookie of the Month. So what are the differences between the two young Point Guards? Not much:





At first glance, it looks like MCW is quite a bit better, but look deeper:

(You may need to click to enlarge)





When you look at the advanced stats, the two players are very similar. The biggest difference in the basic stats is that MCW's are inflated by two things. First, MCW is playing 5 minutes more per game. Second, the 76ers pace is 10 possessions higher than the Jazz. We can probably infer that if the Jazz played at a faster pace, those stats would equal out. The change in mpg is probably due to Trey being eased back into the lineup, post injury.

Comment section debate of the day: Which Jazz player is most deserving of All-Star consideration? I know, none REALLY are, but which player is playing closest to that level?

Who can't wait to get their hands on one of these babies?