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The Downbeat #1474: The Utah Jazz Have a New Offense Edition

The Utah Jazz remain undefeated in the preseason by beating the Portland Trail Blazers 109-105. President of the Utah Jazz talks about the new TV Deal. Quin Snyder relates to his players and Dante Exum's rookie season.

2-0 baby!
2-0 baby!
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Jazz played their 2nd game of the preseason last night. The Jazz once again took on the Portland Trail Blazers. This time the Jazz played the Blazers in Portland.

The Jazz BEAT the Blazers to remain undefeated in the preseason!! The final score was 109-105

Go Trey! Go Jazz!!

The Jazz won a close game ON the road. Who cares if its preseason.  So many reasons to be happy so far with this young team.

The one highlight I could find on youtube of the game (Thursday night, I'll look for more Friday morning)

Yesterday Spencer wrote about the importance of Quin Snyder being a leader.  I was thinking about that when I saw this tweet from Jody.

That tweet encapsulates so much of what I love about Quin Snyder. Three things that this tweet tells me:

  • Quin has a good or at least comfortable relationship with Gordon Hayward. A coach wouldn't joke like that about a player if their relationship wasn't strong.
  • Quin knows the interests of his players. I don't ever remember our last coach mentioning the hobbies of our players. Yes all coaches have different styles and its okay not to bring those things up to the media. However with a young team I think its important to have relationships with the players. I absolutely love that Quin knows and thinks to mention Gordon's interest in video games.
  • Quin has a sense of humor. I  love a coach that can laugh at himself. Obviously Gordon listens to Quin. Its a good sign that Quin can joke around that players don't listen. If a coach wasn't respected by his players he might feel insecure about joking about such things.

Randy Rigby is kind enough to do a weekly interview with the Zone. I don't know if its part of his contract with the Jazz, but I think its pretty cool that we get to hear from him weekly.

Wednesday he talked about many things among those things was the new 24 BILLION dollar TV deal the NBA just inked.  All quotes from Moni here.

The positive thing the l–the players need to understand: We have a great CBA, that they get 50 percent. So as the pie gets bigger, they’re getting their bigger piece of the pie. It’s a great formula. It is making everyone successful.

They are, there is a good CBA, and I think sometimes players don’t understand the math enough to realize, hey, as this gets bigger, that who–that, the growth doesn’t just go to the pl–owners, and the teams. That growth goes to every–they’re getting their 50 percent part, and it’s going to be a great benefit to them. (1280)

And because we all love Alec

Will Alec Burks have the freedom to utilize his strengths in Quin Snyder’s pass-first system? Was he going rogue last night, or was that part of what Snyder finds acceptable?
I think he went rogue. I think you’ll see more that he’s going to be, let’s play this offensive system that we have. Now, if all of a sudden you’re down to four seconds and we’ve gotta make a shot, that’s one thing. But I think the discipline, as soon as you have players that start kind of doing their own thing, it starts breaking down and now everyone’s just gonna stand around.

And Quin is very strong-willed in saying, "We are playing with the pass. We’re playing as a team." Now, I think they’ll find ways to help Alec find his little, maybe, moves that will, he can finish to,* but I think it’s very important that we believe in a system. We play the system together as a team, and we’re not altering, this isn’t the Alec Burks offense.

This is the Utah Jazz offense, and we’re gonna play together with that offense as a team, and we’ll, they’ll find ways to adjust it, to tweak it a little bit to play into Alec, but Alec’s got to buy into the system.

What do you love about the Jazz's new offense?

My favorite thing in a very generic sense is all the movement. I love love love when teams play as a team. I am not a fan of iso-ball. I hate it. I always felt so happy that I cheered for a team that played team ball when the rest of the league went iso-heavy. I am so relieved that is the case once more with the Utah Jazz.

Aaron Falk wrote an article about rookie Dante Exum. Go read it!

Exum was on the Jazz’s radar early, thanks to the work of now-retired international scout Rich Sheubrooks, who ran the Hoop Summit for years and personally invited Exum to the event.

But with most of the team’s staff on hand in Portland that week, it was a first chance for many to get an up-close look at the Aussie phenom.

"Really, it was my first exposure, and it allowed me to go back and take a deeper look," said Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey. "At the Hoop Summit, he played more of a two-guard or a wing spot. Really, coming out of that week, I didn’t know that he was the passer he is. It took some more research to realize that he had very good vision for an 18-year-old. But we were impressed by his length, his speed and maybe even most importantly, his makeup."

What do you expect from Dante Exum this year?