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"Use Your Legs", Jerry's First Game, Sharpen the Saw: The Downbeat #1479

"Use Your Legs", Jerry Sloan's First Game, Sharpening the SawThe Downbeat #1479

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Memo: Kanter needs to use his legs | Rockmonster Unplugged


This picture from Yesterday with Enes kenter, Sorenson Multicultural Center.. Foto dun cekildi okul da cocuklari ziyaret ettik..Ben ve enes...

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With coach Quin Snyder attempting to get Kanter to extend his shooting range, Okur was asked what Kanter must do to make that happen.

"I watch in the gym. First thing I notice, he’s not using his legs," Okur said. "If you want to shoot it, you’re going to have to use your legs."

I don't know if we can officially call Memo the new shot doctor, but this quote sure helps the cause. I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but the hiring of Mehmet Okur seems to be more than just to fill in as "Team Ambassador". The timing of the hire, occurrence of his visits, along with the positive relationship he has with Enes Kanter seems to be a very calculated venture to keep Kanter long term. A deal that a lot people think won't happen until the end of the season.

Jazz practice a 'mental day' for players Tuesday | Utah Jazz Notes | The Salt Lake Tribune

After beating the Clippers in preseason action Monday night, the Jazz were back at their practice facility today. Coach Quin Snyder used the session to watch more film than usual.

"We’re a very young team, but the way we’ve been working, we’re trying to balance," he said. "Guys are giving effort. We want to keep them fresh. We want to keep them healthy as much as anteing. We’ve worked hard. Today was more of a mental day."

I love the idea of "sharpening the saw." If you are not familiar with the book, "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People", or the following quote from Abraham Lincoln-

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." Abe Lincoln

Snyder is very cerebral. Not only does he have a good coaching pedigree, but he is well read in psychology, leadership, business management, and many other areas. This is apparent in his style of coaching and the very calculated statements he gives in interviews.  He is rebuilding the team's psyche both as individuals and as an entire team.

Utah Jazz Training Camp 2014 | Utah Jazz

This is a link to the Utah Jazz training camp video that is on I hadn't seen it yet and figured that some of you hadn't either. There are numerous workouts shown in the video all of which are geared towards specifics results on the basketball court. It's crazy to think about all of the body conditioning that is used to develop the on court skills.  T

Philadelphia 76ers at Baltimore Bullets Box Score, October 16, 1965 |

Fortynine years ago today, Jerry Sloan played his first game as a NBA player for the Baltimore Bullets. He played against the 76ers led by Wilt Chamberlain.  Sloan went 2-2 and finished with four points.  See Below. It would be so cool to get an interview about this game and Jerry's thoughts about the past 50 years of NBA basketball.

Jerry Sloan's First game.

Jerry Sloan's First game.

Tonight we go up against two of the leagues most experienced players. As of posting, Nash has not been ruled out. What do you want our young team to learn from Kobe and Nash?