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Monday Blues #3 - Preseason 2014: Week 2 Jazz Stats of the Week

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm really bummed the Jazz didn't go 4-0 last week.

I shouldn't care, but it's so much fun to see our guys play fun basketball and stuff. The loss to the Clippers was a terrific game. They wanted the win. We wanted the win. And it didn't turn out.

Last night, of course, Quin Snyder made it very clear that if you could turn my desire for a win and his desire for a win into a ratio, you'd get something like 1,845,968/3. Gordo and Favors punched in the clock and then mostly sipped some iced electrolyte replacement juice. Burke got a day off. And the Jazz lost to the Kobites.

So it was just a 2-2 week.

But still, lots of fun.

Stats for the Week:


Starters stats 10-20


Bench Stats 10-20
I think that it's fairly clear that this will be the team's main rotation, injuries and such aside. And although all the world's Jeremy Evans fans kind of feel sad ... let's be honest: it's because we like Jeremy Evans, not because Booker is a scrub. Seriously, anyone willing to pull out some good old fashioned Church Ball moves on Blake Griffin deserves a salute.

Something else to point out:

It's only preseason, blah blah blah, etc. We know. But listen. My point is not what you think it is.

Since it's only preseason, it means these guys aren't actually getting all the minutes. Which means ... well, I don't know. But here's something interesting. If you tally up the counting stats here, you get a week of:

84 ppg, 39.5 rbd, 19.5 ast ... in only 187 total minutes per game*

Adjust that for 240 total minutes and you get:

108 ppg, 51 rbd, 25 ast

Of course, this is just playing with a calculator. They aren't really going to pull down 50 rebounds per game (because nobody has pulled down 50 rebounds per game since 1978). But what it does show you is that this particular group of guys that will likely take the bulk of the playing time and make the most impact ... this group of guys has been playing pretty darn well.

Let's hope it continues.

* I combined Alec's and Trey's stats for this, since between the two of them they have played 4 games this week. It seemed the easiest way to make the snapshot somewhat worth looking at.

And Now To Address The Next Tree Rollins

"I feel like [Kanter] and Favors are energy guys off the bench. And that's their destiny."

— Bill Simmons

An energy big off the bench: why that would be following the footsteps of Tree Rollins! Amirite!?!

Well, we'll leave off Kanter for a while. He's making more changes to what he's expected to do offensively than any other guy. I think we should watch for progress over the next few months ... and then, about February or say, THEN start asking about his impact, value, and contributions to the team's ability to win games.

So leave Kanter alone for a minute. Instead, let's look at Favors.

Derrick Favors Preseason Stats

That's his per-36 minute stats this pre-season.

To me, this is the most exciting development so far. Now whether he puts up those counting stats for an entire year is dependent on a lot of things (particularly the scoring prowess of Hayward and Burks). But whatever.

The point is this: thus far, Favors has been used as a primary scorer when he's on the court. And thus far, he has been very successful in this primary scoring role. This is what he's been doing. This is exactly how he's performing in a leadership role: and I don't mean that nebulous Jeterating way that causes Whirled Peas. I mean leadership as in the team thinks: look to him to score us points.

Ever since he's been on the Jazz, I have questioned whether he had it in him to be a main scorer. Sometimes I've thought so; other times I've been uncertain. I have suggested that I hope he becomes a 17-11-3-2-2 guy. I mentioned it in a preview I did at Blazer's Edge. Most people are skeptical of that 17 ppg. They just didn't see it coming from him.

Who knows if he'll keep it up. But it's something exciting to watch and hope for.

Next Tree Rollins indeed.

No, what Derrick Favors really is is a kick-butt upright bass player for our Utah Jazz Band. And now he's ready to do more than just a 12-bar walking blues line:

* * *

I hope that's all cleared up now.