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Bill Simmons Changes His Tune on Exum #TheDownbeat

Bill Simmons is in love with Exum ... again. Welcome back to the bandwagon Bill.

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We have all been hard on Bill Simmons for his outright betrayal of our golden boy and chosen one, Dante Exum.  It appears he's flip-flopping and even giving the Jazz a higher rating in the League Pass watchability ratings this year.

The Annual NBA League Pass Rankings, Part 1 "
Utah Jazz Simmons: We gave them 24 points just three weeks ago … and they gained 10 points in the preseason without playing a real game. We’ve never changed a League Pass ranking before. What happened??? Lowe: This is more crooked than Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference finals. Simmons: I’m wearing a Dick Bavetta jersey as I write these next 19 words: I’ve never done a faster 180, in my entire career, than the one I pulled off with Dante Exum. Not only did Jalen and I crush the Exum pick in our preview, but when you and I worked on the first draft of this piece, here’s what I wrote: "For me, the Exum subplot is 100 times more fascinating than anything Philly is offering. He might be superduperduper raw, and on top of that, three lottery picks taken right after him (Marcus Smart, Julius Randle and my Rookie Of The Year Choice To Be Revealed A Little Bit Later) could be kicking ass right away. That has a chance to be one of this century’s legendarily bad lottery picks." I nearly gave myself a concussion leaping on the hood of the Exum bandwagon as it started pulling away. Did you see him in the preseason? It looked like Kobe cloned the teenage version of himself and added an Australian accent. I’m all in! Easily my fastest flip-flop ever — and that’s saying something. Lowe: Exum is the variance guy in Utah’s young core. They have six legitimately interesting young players — and possibly seven, depending on Rodney Hood’s development. But the buzz on Utah’s third- and fourth-year guys is sort of fading out. No one is flipping to a Utah game to see a Gordon Hayward jumper streak or some subtle rim protection from Derrick Favors. There’s a reason the Jazz tried to trade for the no. 1 pick: They know all these guys top out as second bananas, and maybe even third bananas. Exum is their guy with the unknown ceiling. Simmons: And we were both shocked by how many 3s Utah jacked up in the preseason. And we haven’t even mentioned those eight games a year when Hayward improbably goes toe-to-toe against a playoff contender, or the coaching bump from "Ty Corbin" to "anyone else." Should we bump their ranking again? You could talk me into the high 40s after one drink. Lowe: We definitely didn’t award enough credit for Quin Snyder’s style bump. It was clear given his work at prior stops: Utah was going to shoot a ton of 3s and try some really interesting stuff on offense. Snyder watches film and sees crazy play-design possibilities that no one else sees. Everyone is jacking 3s for Utah in the preseason — Favors, Kanter, Jazz Bear, Matt Harpring. We made the right move bumping them to no. 28, and we’re going to regret not having them higher.

We all knew Dante Exum would make him regret his case against Dante Exum and kudos to Bill for making a 180 on it.  Shame he had a pull a 180 before that one to come a full 360 back onto the Dante Exum bandwagon.

Tony Jones of the Salt Lake Tribune has this article about Enes Kanter's future.  With the way Rudy Gobert has been competing in training camp, Enes Kanter has a tough climb ahead to an extension.  Rudy Gobert's progression has taken down Kanter's value with Utah.  Add in Trevor Booker's utility off the bench and Kanter's number that he's looking for a contract is not going to match Utah's.

Utah Jazz: For Enes Kanter, the time is now | The Salt Lake Tribune
Enes Kanter has a lot to prove. And he is embracing it. If he’s to be a cornerstone going forward, the time to show it is now. "I know this is a really important season for me," Kanter said. "But I want to get better. I want to see the chemistry of this team get better. It’s a growing process, but I know I’ve got to perform, and I want to do that. I want this team to win."

Quin Snyder believes that Trey Burke is buying in to being an above average defender.  Friend of the blog, and Vine star, Jody Genessy had the story.

Utah Jazz point guard Trey Burke getting an 'A' for effort on defense | Deseret News
After giving a two-word response about Burke’s offensive game, Snyder opted to share what was really on his mind in terms of his starting point guard. Burke’s defense. Unlike much of the 21-year-old’s rookie season, the 6-foot-1 playmaker received a deserved compliment about his performance on that side of the court. "The thing that was really good about his game today, in my opinion, was … he defended, which he’s starting to do," Snyder said. "It’s starting to become who he is."

This is via Monilogue.  I believe it speaks for itself.

John Stockton

Who will Alec Burks cross up tonight?  Who wants to see Reggie Jackson absolutely crushed by Alec Burks?  WHO WANTS A PIECE OF THE ALEC OF SWAGGINGTON?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?

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