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Utah Jazz waive Dahntay Jones and Jack Cooley, roster now at league maximum 15

We knew it would come . . . that cuts would be made. But that all changed after the Fire Nation attacked . . . wait no. That's just a cartoon.

"Remember me as the funny one."
"Remember me as the funny one."
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Utah Jazz announced that they have said their goodbyes to Dahntay Jones and Jack Cooley.

(Via press release)

SALT LAKE CITY (Oct. 22, 2014) – The Utah Jazz announced today that the team has waived forward Jack Cooley and guard Dahntay Jones. Following the moves, Utah’s roster now stands at 15 players.

Cooley (6-9, 246, Notre Dame) appeared in two preseason games for Utah, averaging 3.5 points and 3.0 rebounds in 5.8 minutes of action. He was signed as a free agent on Aug. 19.

Jones (6-6, 225, Duke) saw action in six preseason games for the Jazz, averaging 3.2 points, 1.0 rebounds and 0.8 assists in 11.8 minutes of play. He was signed on Sept. 25.

- Utah Jazz, 2014

I'm not surprised that these guys didn't make it thorough training camp. Cooley has banged around for the Jazz on a number of occasions (free agent mini camps, pre-draft workouts), so they kind of know who he is at this point. This cut is more about who he was going up against, and isn't indicative at all about his abilities as a professional basketball player. Jones didn't even play professional basketball last year, and as someone already one year removed from 'the game' it was a question of what he could bring to a team. Sure, he's 30, but it's not like he's run out of gas in the tank. And for me, seeing Dahntay play it was never about anything other than being good enough to be in the league.

He proved that he was, and was on a number of teams and did what very few have ever done before, he did reach that level of playing in the NBA for a decade. That's remarkable when you gauge it against the entire history of the league, and even more impressive in this era where more and more players have the opportunity to play and accrue more injuries.

While there was some level of PSTD [Ed. It's PTSD, you dummy!] about Jones perhaps taking extra time away from the necessary development of the younger guys, we can finally put that to bed now. He was a Dukie who had the same agent as Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Evans. But he did his thing. Got a chance to play, and show his stuff. And he didn't burn any bridges.

And the roster is now 15, the maximum allowed. If any more cuts are going to happen the potential candidates are: Toure' Murry, Brock Motum, and Ian Clark. You'd argue that Carrick Felix could be on the block, but his contract is structured a little differently as he was actually drafted, and not an undrafted free agent.

It's going to be interesting to see what changes happen during the season (trades, flexibility, etc), but as it stands, this is a Utah Jazz team I'm ready to watch for another 82 games.