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The Downbeat #1487: Quin Snyder's Brilliant Basketball Mind. Dante Exum and Trey Burke shine in the preseason

Quin Snyder has changed the culture of the Jazz. The Jazz's future is very bright. Exum looks to shine as a Jazz rookie.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Utah Jazz take on the Phoenix Suns. I love that we are going to face Jeff Hornacek. Quin Snyder has softened the blow quite a bit of losing Hornacek last year.

The Suns with a 4-2 record will visit the 5-2 Utah Jazz. The Suns have only lost to the Rockets and the Clippers this preseason. The Jazz are spoiling fans who live within a 75 mile radius of the ESA by streaming the game. The stream for whatever reason is only available if you live within that 75 mile radius of the ESA. I think it is completely awesome of the Jazz to stream the game!

Here is more info on the streaming

The live webcast begins at 7 p.m. and will be available "on demand" to watch following the game on Jazz broadcasters David Locke and Ron Boone will provide play-by-play and analysis for the livestream in a simulcast with The Zone Sports Network (1280 AM/97.5 FM) and the Jazz Radio Network. The game is not being televised.

The website "The Australian (an Australian newspaper) published a nice article on our rookie Dante Exum. It has nice quotes from Quin Snyder and Doc Rivers. A nice part of the article on Exum (but go read the rest for reals)

The Jazz, who had perhaps the greatest point guard in NBA history from 1984 to 2003, John Stockton, view Exum as their future.

But, with Exum 196cm tall to Stockton’s 185cm, he is a completely different player.

If the Australian does bloom into the elite point guard Snyder and his Jazz organisation hope, he'll provide a matchup headache with every team.

Exum, with his long limbs, also possesses electric speed.

He can throw the missile pass, but can get to the hoop for a slam.

Just as I am excited for Quin Snyder, I am excited for Dante Exum! This team is really coming together :)

Speaking of Jazz point guards. Moni transcribed Trey Burke's weekly interview on 1320 KFAN. Burke talked about resting against the Lakers, playing with Dante Exum, Exum's preseason so far and lastly his own improved defense.

Burke's quote on Quin Snyder's challenge:

So you know, this summer, coach Snyder came in and he kinda challenged me on it. So, it was something that I, you know, made a conscious effort to get better at, you know, in practice. And now I have to continue to, you know, get better at playing defense and it’ll carry over to e–other things.

The Australian NBA website called "Sportal NBA" recently had a question and answer session with our Quin Snyder.  I love having a coach who is brilliant. The interviews are always so informative. Read the article here.

I loved this quote. I actually loved a lot of them. There is soooo much info so go read it.

Some of the new additions we've seen to the roster are good shooters, (Steve Novak and Rodney Hood in particular) how do you see your offensive philosophy developing in Utah?

We want to play with the pass, play with purpose and play with pace. Guys like Steve and Rodney are great shooters and can really space the floor for us, and also help to open things up on the interior for our bigs as well.

We want to take the right shots, and if those shots are open three-pointers, then we want to take those shots.  If they are lay-ups, we will certainly take those as well.

Our biggest focus offensively is on moving the ball to get the right looks.

I am very excited for this new season to officially begin. Its hard to believe that the first game of the season is in less than one week. I am very happy about all the changes that have taken place this summer. I think Dennis Lindsey is the best thing that has happened to this franchise in a very very long time. I think his hiring of Quin Snyder is complete genius. We have only seen Snyder coach seven preseason games. Those seven games however have been promising. Its clear that Snyder has a brilliant basketball mind. I am excited about our players. They look very good in Snyder's system. I am very happy that they now have a chance to shine.

Its something special to see Rudy Gobert grab 20 rebounds in a game. Its just as special to see Rudy block players and make them look as if they were preschoolers. It is incredible to watch Burk do Burk thangs. Averaging 9.5 FTA Alec Burks is leading the league in free throw attempts this preseason. That's just crazy. Hayward is all over the place. Its fun to watch him drain his shots, steal the ball, pass the ball and just do it all. Favors has been the stabilizing force, that constant player that the Jazz need in the middle. Burke is the point guard we dreamed he would be when we traded up with Minnesota to get him last year. He's hitting shots, he's setting up his teammates, he looks so good. Kanter, Kanter, Kanter. Kanter having to learn so much this season finally had a breakout game. Plus our rookies...swoon! I just love this team.

I appreciate all the support everyone gave me when I wasn't so happy and in love with the Utah Jazz. I will not mention this again ever because the time has passed but thank you, thank you, thank you so much for helping me survive the Ty years so that I can be here, a Jazz fan that didn't quit. I wouldn't have made it without the SLC Dunk community.Surviving the Ty years makes this preseason and this new regime that much more glorious.

The song Outside the Wall came on my playlist yesterday. I couldn't help think of you all and my fellow SLC Dunk writers. You guys were so kind to walk up and down outside my wall the last four years. I picture us like in this video, just marching along, exiting the Ty era and entering the new era. So thank you again.

I cannot express how much I love the Jazz again. I am now completely outside my wall, my wall that was built the last four years of my Jazz fandom. Here's to Dennis Lindsey, Here's to Quin Snyder. Here's to our Jazz players. And here's to all you for breaking down my wall.

Go Jazz!