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Excited for Utah Jazz Basketball - The Downbeat #1489

5 Things for the New Season of Jazz Basketball

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The new season is looming. Here's my list of things to look forward to, during it.

Over the summer the ESA got an upgrade that not many heard about. This is the type of thing that turns the Jazz home into the type of destination venue to rival Staples Center or Barclay's Center.

That's right. All the soft serve the media (and sometimes players) can handle. I have heard that if you go to a game and ask Jody (Genessy), Aaron (Falk), or Tony (Jones), they will run up and get you a cone. (I haven't heard this)

Coach Q being analyzed by one of those doctors like the guy on Lie to Me.

What does this face say?

And this terrifying mug?

Halftime interviews from new coaches:

Antonio is the best.

Young players doing young player things:

Like overcommitting on defense

Or not respecting their elders

Rudy Can't Fail

New players to love

New beginnings:

A new life for Coach Q, a new look for the Utah Jazz