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Utah Jazz center Enes Kanter will enter restricted free agency.

It looks like an extension for Enes Kanter won't get done by the October 31st deadline.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the Utah Jazz and Enes Kanter are at a bit of an impasse in regards to getting a contract extension done.  From Adrian Wajnarowski

After ending discussions on the possibility of a contract extension with the Utah Jazz, center Enes Kanter plans to enter restricted free agency next summer, his agent told Yahoo Sports on Wednesday.

In this case, restricted free-agency may be best for both sides.  The Jazz will want to see what they have this season in Kanter under Quin Snyder.  Kanter and his agent obviously believe he's worth more than what the Jazz have offered.

If he thrives in the new system, he could be priced out of Utah next summer, especially he develops the range and ability to stretch the floor.

The other news from that Woj article is that talks with Alec Burks are still ongoing.

UPDATE (Some thoughts from Twitter):

Thanks to beat writer Aaron Falk for digging for more details:

Everybody is saying the right things right now.