Do you want this guy on your team?

I found out recently that there is an NBA player that desires to be traded to the Utah Jazz.

The player is currently on another small market team, but has previously played on two large market teams. Below are some of his career stats:

Total points- 9874

Total rebounds- 1050

Total assists- 1404

Total steals- 798

Total blocks- 194

Total turnovers- 726

Total field goals made- 3517

Total field goals attempted- 7438

Total 3 pointers made- 1620

Total 3 pointers attempted- 3820

The player is considered to be a three and D type of player. In the games he's played in, he's averaging 4 assists per game and 2.3 steals per game. His career three point percentage is .424 and he finished his last NBA season with a three point percentage of .457. His points per weighted shot is a respectable 1.4 and he has a true shooting percentage of .691 with an effective field goal percentage of .678.

He came into the league as a point guard, but, since he is 6'7" and 250 lbs, he can play the 1 to 3 spots and can play the 4 when going up against certain Eastern conference teams. He's also a decent free throw shooter, having a career free throw percentage of .840.

The downside is the player can be a bit of a black-hole; while teammates consider him a bit unpredictable. There's not a three point shot that he wouldn't take; some might say he has no conscious when taking shots. Additionally, his pure point rating is a negative (.9%).

The upside is that the player is only 23 and has proven he can light up teams and take over games.

In a game against the Lakers, he scored 61 points, picked up 6 steals, grabbed 2 rebounds, and made 1 assist with no turnovers - all in just 16 minutes of play; while in a game against the Kings, he scored 65 points, had 11 steals, and 1 block in 15 minutes of play.

The player is a three-time All-Star, and has already won numerous awards such as:

1st Team All-Rookie

Rookie of the Year

1st Team All-Defense

3rd Team All-NBA

1st Team All-NBA (twice)

MVP (twice)

Finals MVP (three times)

Additionally, he has won three NBA Finals.

He demanded to be traded to the Jazz, but his team couldn't work out the details so he was traded to the Spurs for Lebron James instead.

Who is this player?


Yes, I've been playing a little NBA2K12 this summer (why? cause I'm cheap and buy video games used); yes, I need to get out more. Yes, my PPG for the first 20 games of the 15-16 year is 50.8 - but check out who I've got on my team (and these are the good players):


Below are some advanced metrics (note the usage rate of 79.3%):


Here are some more advanced metrics (this time note the PER of 71.8):


I probably should spend some time developing my passing game and learning the plays the computer wants me to run - but hero ball is just so much more fun!

What else did I do this Summer? I found this creepy McDonald's mural:


And I met these guys at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas:


I'm the guy in the middle nobody wants to stand next to - pretty sure it's because I was wearing that Utah Jazz on an NBA Mission shirt with the Mountain logo (my only Jazz clothing; I received it when it was new as a gift - see conversation about cheap above.)

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