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Utah Jazz Begin 2014-2015 Season The Downbeat:#1452

Utah Jazz Begin 2014-2015 Season The Downbeat:#1452

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Adam Silver was in the house last night. Livestream: Commissioner Adam Silver | Utah Jazz

Growth and Teaching. There will be a lot of these two things this year. My thoughts on the game last night. Kanter struggled on defense and it was apparent Q wasn't happy either. Trey was stellar in the third quarter, he brought the Jazz back to within three at the end of the third. His driving game seems so much better this year. He is more aggressive, more under control, it seems as if the game has slowed down for him. Booker and Hood will be rotation players their hard work and hustle will get them more playing time. Defensively Rudy Gobert had a great 2nd quarter and played well on Dwight Howard. Houston was on fire from the three-point line, not a lot you can do if the other team is shotting out the lights. We needed more from Hayward last night, he had an off night.

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Utah Jazz center Enes Kanter will enter restricted free agency. - SLC Dunk Huge Shout Out to Kris for putting this together yesterday. It happened after the Downbeat was posted and I wanted to make sure it got the attention it deserved. There were rumors during the Corbin era that Kanter was not happy and wanted to move to a bigger market and get more playing time. As talked about in the article, it seems that his attitude has changed. We will have to wait a year. Speaking of extensions, The Jazz have until Friday night at midnight to get a deal done with Alec Burks. If a deal gets done, the press release will probably be published on Friday ( a nongame day) at around 5:30 6 o'clock. Obviously, we will have the details as soon as anything happens.

Blogtable: International next up " | Hang Time Blog with Sekou Smith

This made the Downbeat last week as well. The topic this week was "which international player will make an important impact on the league?" They removed foreign-born player Andrew Wiggins from the list. Rudy and Exum got some love.

Shaun Powell, Dante Exum might not even be the best young foreign-born player on his own team at the moment; Rudy Gobert could put up decent numbers this year for the Jazz. But, really now: Exum is very young, gifted and intriguing. In time, this Aussie import could grow in leaps and bounds, like a kanga … wait, I can’t believe I was going to write that.

The feeling surrounding this team is better, it is positive, it is optimistic, and it is real. It is apparent from the top down. What was your favorite part about opening night?